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GSC Members win USA Song Contest

USA Song ContestCongratulations to GSC members John Cirillo and Daniel Reifsnyder, GSC reporter, and artist/writer Sarah Spencer whose co-write ”If You Drink” won FIRST PLACE in the Country category of the USA Songwriting Contest.

John entered the song into the contest so only he is recognized as the winner on the website. He has been a member of GSC for 5 years and has worked diligently as a songwriter for many years. John is known in our Nashville community for bringing writers together, making connections, including others and for his disciplined work ethic. In addition, he regularly supports GSC and volunteers for most of our events when he is in town. Below is the link where you can check out the actual Contest Results. In the meantime, reach out to John Cirillo on our GSC Facebook page or on his personal page and congratulate him, as well as Daniel and Sarah!

See the Winners on


GSC Member Mary Desmond Named Songwriter of the Year

Mary DesmondIreland Honors GSC Member and Songwriting Luminary
Mary Desmond, selected as
Ireland’s 2016 Songwriter of the Year!

By:  Dan Reifsnyder

GSC member and Irish music icon Mary Desmond was honored with a tribute and award night in Ireland at the Deanrock Ballroom, recently.

Artists Pat Daly, Finbarr Dennehy, Maura Dennehey, Joe Cooke, Mike Conda, Mona and musical duo “Just 2” showed up to recognize Mary’s many contributions to the music scene and perform her songs.

John Russel and Pat Daily, both involved in the Irish music field, helped put together and promote the event. Mary is prolific – having written hundreds of songs – many of which have achieved success not just in Ireland, but in England as well.

In addition, just last week, Mary was selected as Ireland’s 2016 Songwriter of the Year and yet another celebration of Mary Desmond’s songwriting achievements is pending. One of her songs, “My Phone Call to Heaven”, reached #1 on the Irish charts.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Mary has set her sights stateside to her next big dream – writing in Nashville. Many of her songs have been played through the GSC Publisher Online Pitch events and several times the songs have been taken by the publisher for further consideration.

Last year, Mary came to the US for the purpose of writing with some of Nashville’s top songwriters.  These connections and opportunities were facilitated by the Global Songwriters Connection team.  Mary made a huge impression on Nashville industry professionals with her determination to succeed and to learn the language, the phrasing and the US songwriting market.

“GSC has been a huge help to me, and Sheree has shown me such kindness,” Mary adds. GSC is proud of Mary and all her accomplishments!

Member Success at the June GSC PLAYS4U! Event


June 23, 2015
The Listening Room

Every quarter Global Songwriters Connection brings in an array of publishers to our GSC PLAYS4U! event. Our members’ songs are presented to the panel of publishers. We provide the publishers with food and drink catered by the Listening Room, where we hold the event. Eleven publishers attended the June event, and eight publishers requested the event playlist. Additionally, there were thirty-three publisher requests for more songs and for more information about our members! These are big opportunities for our artists and writers. At our event, we also gave away a $75 and a $100 gift card. It is our way of investing in our members and the community.

Our attending publishers were:
⦁ Jillene Renee of Ann WIlson Publishing
⦁ Ann Wilson of Ann Wilson Publishing
⦁ Eddie Tidwell of Muy Bueno
⦁ Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music
⦁ Sam Cooper of Jericat Group
⦁ Woody Bomar of Green Hills
⦁ Melanie Howard of Harlan Howards Songs
⦁ Queenie Mullinix of Washington Street Publishing
⦁ Stevie Island of DoWrite
⦁ Ariana Deluga of Bluewater Music
⦁ Steve Bloch of Steve Bloch Music

Our featured songwriters were:
⦁ Jay Brehmer from Wisconsin
⦁ Alayna Carroll from Tennessee
⦁ Steve Dorian from Tennessee
⦁ Mary Haller from Massachusetts
⦁ Clayton Jones from Tennessee (pop genre)
⦁ Thalia Kalodimos from Illinois
⦁ Karen Kiley of Illinois
⦁ Allen Kreihbiel from Colorado
⦁ JT Lewis (Jordan Trajano) from Tennessee
⦁ Jenny Slate Lee from Tennessee (Christian genre)
⦁ Trish Matthews from Tennessee
⦁ David Michael from California
⦁ Nancy Moser from Kentucky
⦁ Clayton Watson from Tennessee.



Ruben Estevez Gets Bucky Covington Single

Ruben Estevez

GSC Member, Ruben Estevez, gets Bucky Covington’s NEW SINGLE,
“I Feel Ya”

GSC has been very honored to represent Ruben Estevez to the music industry for the past nearly three years.  Most recently Ruben was a GSC FEATURED writer at our quarterly GSC PLAYS4U! Event at The Listening Room.  We have played Ruben’s song, “I Feel Ya,” three times for publishers!  We are thrilled to know that we were on the right track with this song as it is now Bucky Covington’s single! Click here  (link to interview)  to learn more about this amazing writer and his journey to a major cut!  Provided by:  GSC Reporter Daniel Reifsnyder.  

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2014 Member Success Update

GSC 2014 Results Report

Our goal was to increase your visibility, opportunities, connections, income, influence, talents and faith in yourself.

Our GSC team trusts you will be as pleased as we are with the results we were able to facilitate for our valued members. Thank you for including us on your journey. We never take your membership for granted.

24 POP Events (Publisher Online Pitch Events)

  • 720 songs played DIRECT to publishers.
  • 97 in-person member/publisher meetings as a direct result of this GSC monthly online event. This number does not include 2nd and 3rd meetings and current ongoing publisher relationships! Yes! Several of our members have an ongoing working relationship with different publishers.
  • 29 Pro Co-writes that were set up for GSC members after the publisher heard their songs the second time.

4 GSC FOCUS Events

  • Resulted in 2 publishing deals.
  • 5 ongoing member/publisher relationships.
  • 4 songs from these events are currently being pitched to artists by the publishers that attended the events.

4 GSC PLAYS4U! Events – We play the “best songs” of the quarter, selected from POP Events, Song Evaluations, and Mentoring Sessions to a room full of publishers.

  • 80 songs were played.
  • 6 members had appointments with publishers.
  • 38 songs were requested by the publishers.
  • 1 booking contract.

Member highlights from 2014!

Feel Free to reach out to the members below and ask them personally about their experience with Global Songwriters Connection!

Publishing Deals!

Doug Folkins, CANADA – signs publishing deal with Lynn Gann Music Enterprises while attending a GSC Focus Event. This deal is the result of a culmination of Doug’s efforts through the years and his usage of our services.

Danni Ri, ALABAMA – signs publishing deal with Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music. Dallas heard Danni Ri at our GSC Focus event and calls GSC on Monday and wants to sign her.


Jay Brehmer, WI – First CUT – Through GSC Opportunity Knocks Pitch Opportunity, and he received a SECOND cut through this same opportunity.

Sarah Spencer, TN – Gets a CUT – Through GSC Opportunity Knocks Pitch Opportunity

James Kocian, WI – CUTS in Major Nationwide Christian Project


97 in person/member Publisher Meetings!

Sasha Aaron – publisher meeting with Liz Morin, results in pro co-writing opportunity

Clayton Jones – publisher meeting with Devon DeVries of Big Yellow Dog

Laureen Smith – 3 in-person publisher meetings!

Ruben Estevez – publisher meeting Big Yellow Dog

Julie-Ann Morris – wins an in-person publisher meeting with Dallas Gregory.

Claire Ulanoff – publisher meeting with Matt Lindsey

Jayne Sachs – publisher meeting with Matt Lindsey

Justin Murray, OK – publisher meeting with Dallas Gregory

Scott Brantley, GA –  publisher meeting with Jimmy Metts of Starstruck publishing after being heard through a GSC POP Event.

Kelley King, WY – publisher meeting with Bobby Rymer of Writer’s Den Music after the publisher heard him at a GSC POP Event.

Gene Ezell, TN – Gets his song picked up at a GSC POP Event. A week later the publisher from Centricity Music asks for an in person meeting and now he has a growing and working relationship with this publisher.

James Kocian, WI – Gets heard through our GSC POP Events and has had THREE (and counting) in person publisher meetings. One meeting with Sony Music and one with Daywind music and a request for two more meetings.

Lynn Wilbanks – publisher meeting with Matt Lindsey

Other Successes

  • 8 Members received financial support through GSC and Music Cares to overcome extreme life challenging/medical situations. I am so thankful that Music Cares had never turned down anyone I have ever recommended. GSC is here to help you in any way that we can and or get you connected with someone who can. Please contribute to Music Cares if your finances allow.
  • 24 Members got their FIRST CUTS through GSC Pitch Opportunities.
  • 7 Members had their song placed on the popular show “Nashville”
  • 6 Members were invited for private auditions for national talent shows such as The Voice, America’s Got Talent and American Idol
  • 9 Artist/Writers were interviewed for their own article written on the Beaver Dam USA website
  • 3 Private Showcases


All of this success was created by members that are taking advantage of our GSC services. Thank you for a GREAT year and for SHARING Global Songwriters Connection with your friends.

GSC News: Pensacola Songwriters Festival Contest Winner Named

Pensacola Song FestivalGSC was a proud sponsor and facilitator for the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival 2014 Song Contest!

These songs were reviewed by industry professionals for excellence and some amazing songs were submitted.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and the Honorable Mentions (songs that either had high scores, a high level of artistic merit or were considered to show exceptional promise)! Check out these talented songwriters and their songs!


Top Ten

  1.   It is and I Do– Kathie Eidson
  2.   A House Divided– Mary Haller
  3.   Love Shouldn’t Hate This Way– Kathie Eidson
  4.   Next Time Lie– Mary Haller
  5.   Pouring Sunshine– Kathy Eidson
  6.   (Tie)  Remember Me– Aaron Howard and You Get Me– Nikki Evans
  7.   (Tie)  Some Things Go Without and Saying – Michael Kraker and Family Tree– Dan Lowe
  8.   (Tie) Flying Paper Airplanes– Kathie Eidson and Heavens’s Always Open– Michael Kraker
  9.   (Tie)  Steppin’ Out– Kerry Hotchkiss and Learning to Drive– Drew Six
  10.   You Get Me– Nikki Evans

Honorable Mentions

Low Key– Jackie Clowe
40 Hour Nights– Nikki Evans
Don’t Want to Dream– William Lake
Dreamer’s Life– Drew Louis
Peeping Tom– Tanner Hodges
Redeem Myself– Melissa Heider
Against the Grey– Julie Anne Morris
Your Shine– Tanner Hodges

Global Songwriters Connection congratulates EACH of you and wishes you the best in all of your endeavors. Thank you Pensacola Songwriters Festival for creating a venue and avenue for songwriters to be recognized, appreciated and validated for their creative gifts.

GSC Sponsors Nashville Rising Star Contest

Rising Star

Congrats to Russell Sutton for his winning Nashville Rising Star Songwriter Open-Mic Contest! Russell’s song, “Moonshine” was voted best song by music industry judges and the audience! Russell won over $5000 in cash and prizes! Russell also wins a single song publishing contract with Merf Music Group

Our industry judges were Ray Hamilton, CEO of Merf Music Group, Lou Spoltore and Jim Pace of Global Songwriters.

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Debbie Pascarella Reaches Music Row Charts

Debbie Pascarella’s Song WINS
Pensacola Songwriters Festival Inaugural Song Contest
Hits Music Row Chart Top 20!

Here is DeDebbie Pascarellabbie Pacarella’s Song Contest Story in her own words!

“The journey! The demo was hot off the press when I entered it into the Pensacola Songwriters Festival Inaugural Song Contest.  Next thing I knew…I received a phone call saying I had won FIRST PLACE with my song “I Listen to My Bad Girl.”A week after winning, I met Independent Artist, Erica Nicole. We got to talking and Erica said she was in the process of looking for songs for her newest CD. I said  “I have one that would be good for you and it just won the Pensacola Songwriters Festival Song Contest!

I emailed “I Listen to My Bad Girl” to her that night.  About a week later, I  received the news it would be recorded.  About a  month later, Erica said it would be her first single.  Several months later, it climbed the Music Row charts landing in the top 20 of the Music Row Chart and some stations listed it in their top 10!  At Renegade Radio it became a #1! It debuted at number 89 on the Billboard charts.  This song has a life of its own and is still being played a year later!!  In addition, artist Erica Nicole, won Female Artist of the Year at the most recent NIMA Awards.

Thank you Pensacola Songwriters Festival for your Song Contest!  I love being your FIRST Success Story!”

Sincerely, Debbie Pascarella


GSC Starts New Hendersonville TN Chapter

Jason Kabler Heads Up GSC Hendersonville TN Chapter

Jason KablerGlobal Songwriters Connection knows that you can feel isolated and alone as a songwriter.  So, we are working to provide you opportunities to connect in YOUR HOMETOWN with like-minded creators through GSC Chapters and monthly meetings.

Come play your songs, receive feedback, tips from pro’s and connect with great potential co-writers.  Everyone longs to belong and we are glad YOU belong to Global Songwriters Connection.

If you are interested in being a Chapter Representative Volunteer, feel free to email Sheree at If you have shown interest previously, we will be contacting you soon!

Hendersonville Chapter Information

Monthly meetings are currently taking place the first Monday of every month at Barefoot Charlie’s  located at 125 Sanders Ferry Rd # R, Hendersonville, TN, US, 37075.  Meetings generally start at 6:00 pm, but call or email Jason for more information! You will love Jason’s passion for supporting songwriters and will make great new friends.

Jason Kabler, Hendersonville TN Chapter Representative Volunteer


More About Jason

Jason Kabler was raised in Greencastle, PA.  Though he was born legally blind, Jason never let this short coming stand in the way of his dreams. Jason spent his teen years writing, singing, and making a name for himself in the four-state area (MD,PA,VA,WV).  During these years, Jason was singing hard rock tunes from bands like Poison, Guns and Roses and Bon Jovi.

Jason made the leap to country music in the 1990’s and toured the country as the lead singer of White Horse. In 1999, Jason landed an independent record deal with Eric Straton (ZZ Top, Little Texas, Quiet Riot, Diamond Rio) and made the move to Music City. Three songs from Jason’s debut CD, “Follow your Heart,” were released to radio. On Mother’s Day, a tribute song called “To Mother With Love” can still be heard on radio stations throughout the country.

In 2006, Jason was to appear as the first contestant on a national television show called Songwriters USA.  Weeks before filming, the show fell through.  Not discouraged, he continued writing, recording and playing out.  In 2010 his song, “My Country,” from his CD “Doin’ It…For the Fans,” was named the theme song for the National Fallen Heroes Memorial. He sang live at the unveiling of the Freedom Bike built by Orange County Choppers for the Television show American Choppers.

As a singer/songwriter, Jason’s style continues to evolve. He is currently exploring a more pop/rock style influenced by artist like Paolo Nutini and Jason Mraz.  Jason is currently writing for his ninth CD and he regularly tours in the four-state area.

Jason’s passion for writing has matured during his time working and raising his kids in Hendersonville. His empathy for others allows him to help other writers who might be struggling. He regularly hosts local and out of town songwriters for co-writes and enjoys inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Encouraging Leadership

Decisions, Decisions – God’s GPS Program!

Sheree Spoltore
Dear Industry Friends,

As industry/company leaders, we are faced daily with decisions at every level.  When you step up front to lead, it makes it easy to get kicked from behind, especially when you are the decision maker.  Decision-making can be overwhelming as there are some decisions that impact our lives or companies for years to come.

I love what author Andy Andrews says about decisions in his book The Travelers Gift: “God did not put in me the ability to always make right decisions. He did, however, put in me the ability to make a decision and then make it right.”  I was praying recently about an important decision while driving. I got lost in thought and made a wrong turn.  My GPS immediately said “recalculating.”  I heard that still, small voice speak saying that no matter what decision, turn, or direction I may take, God always has infinite possibilities for my good!  What a comfort! Wherever my decisions direct me, God already knows every potential option and outcome for my life.  God “recalculates” for us and each of us will reach our final destination.

I encourage you in your decision making today.  Make your decisions with courage and the knowledge that you are doing your very best at every given moment.

Thank you for your support of the Global Songwriters Connection vision by telling someone about Global Songwriters Connection today.

Be Encouraged.  Be Equipped.  Be Empowered.

Sheree’ Spoltore’

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