West Ireland Band, Hurricane Highway, cuts GSC members song, “All Time Favourite”

Kevin Matt and Nancy

Global Songwriters Connection congratulates GSC members and songwriters Nancy Moser, and Kevin Rowe and their co-writer Kelly McKay on the single release of their recent cut of their song “ALL TIME FAVOURITE” and Publisher Matt Lindsey! The song “ALL TIME FAVOURITE” has been recorded and released by the West Ireland band Hurricane Highway.

Matt Lindsey is a wonderful, legitimate, hardworking, Nashville Publisher and Song Representative, or Plugger, as we say here in Nashville. Sheree is fortunate to have known Kevin and Nancy for some time as GSC members and hear their great catalog of pitchable songs.

Kevin and Nancy were writers with a handful of really strong songs, a growing catalog and lots of determination and discipline. Sheree felt they had a couple of treasures and made the “connection” to Matt and he agreed, took on the challenge and now they all three have another cut!

GSC congratulates ALL of the team on their efforts. Enjoy the song and the video and may there be many more to come! Click below to watch the video of Nancy and Kevin’s song and be sure to SHARE!

Hurricane Highway Video – “All Time Favourite”