Song Evaluations

Take your songwriting to the next level. Get your songs heard by industry professionals and receive the instruction, information and guidance you need to craft your personal best songs. Getting your songs heard by a trusted and respected industry professional is usually the first recommended step! Each 30 minute session can be done face to face via Skype or over the phone. GSC Members get a discount on song evaluation sessions. The first step is to become a member of GSC. Take the next step and book a song evaluation session with one of our team. It is all part of our GSC Membership plan.


  • $45 / 30 min. session with Bruce for GSC members (includes 2 songs)
  • $55 / 30 min. session with Bruce for non-members (includes 2 songs)
  • $100 / 1 hour session with Sheree for GSC Members (includes 3 songs)

The GSC Song Evaluation Team:

Sheree Spoltore

Sheree’ Spoltore’

President, GSC

Music industry professional, career coach, mentor, motivational speaker and teacher, Sheree’ Spoltore’ is known as a songwriter’s best friend. Sheree’s career purpose and passion is encouraging, equipping and empowering songwriters of all genres to be at their personal best. Let her 20 years of experience work for you. READ MORE ABOUT SHEREE’…

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Bruce Michael Miller

Professional Song Evaluator and Songwriter

Bruce Michael Miller, an award-winning songwriter himself, is one of Nashville’s most requested song evaluators. Bruce has taught songwriting at the college level and is active in the Nashville songwriters’ community. He has evaluated upwards of 12,000 songs and has been a judge for the CMT songwriting contest for several years. READ MORE ABOUT BRUCE…

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Taking the Next Step!

At Global Songwriters Connection every service starts with YOU FIRST! Not only will your songs be developing to the next level but you, the creator and the person, will grow as a professional! Now let’s answer your some of your questions. What does a GSC song evaluations include?

  • An interactive meeting via video conferencing, phone or in person:


  • Send us the songs you want heard:


  • We will listen to your songs together at our scheduled meeting:


  • Time solely focused on the song(s) and song crafting:


  • A wrap-up to discuss possible opportunities for your songs:


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