Film and TV Sync Mentoring

with Washington Street Publishing

Are you looking for ways to be discovered as an artist/writer?
Want to hear your songs on your favorite TV show, film, or in a movie trailer? Then…THINK SYNC!

Film and TV has become an artist discovery tool with Music Supervisors often acting in the role of A&R much like a major record label A&R representative. At Global Songwriters Connection, we have been encouraging our members to write for film/TV since we started GSC in 2013. For those of you who have attended our exclusive FOCUS Retreats for advanced writers, you have been given an edge by attending private film/TV workshops. Now every GSC member can take advantage of learning how to write for the sync market through personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions. 

We are excited to welcome the talents, experience, and expertise of Nancy Peacock and Queenie Mullinix of Washington Street Publishing to the GSC Mentoring Team. They have signed and placed many GSC members’ songs in various film/TV productions, as well as in movie trailers. Washington Street Publishing is one of the first independent publishers in Nashville to move into sync licensing. The company has built a diverse catalog that spans multiple genres and has successfully placed songs and instrumental cues in a variety of TV shows, trailers, movies, and feature films. As a trusted ‘sync agent’ WSP works closely with music supervisors at trailer companies, advertising agencies and film/TV companies like Viacom, Netflix, Lionsgate, Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros., etc. 

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Each month will feature a different genre needed for sync opportunities. If you are a writer that specializes in a specific genre, sign up for that month to play your songs. It’s also a great way to learn how to write for a genre that is not in your wheelhouse. For instance, if you’re a country writer it’s an easy transition to Americana, acoustic pop and singer-songwriter which are in high demand.  

During your session, Nancy and Queenie will share with you TV shows, films or commercials for which they are currently pitching songs. They will provide detailed information from briefs and highlight songs that have been placed in the show. Writers can bring 3-4 songs for consideration and review.

You can choose one or as many genres as you like.

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Nancy and Queenie will guide you through the process of “syncing” your songs in film & TV. They will both be in this mentoring session where you will learn how to write, produce, and pitch songs that will grab the attention of music supervisors. You will also get the inside scoop about what music they are seeking for current projects! This 1-hour session will include an evaluation of 3-4 of your songs for film/TV placements.  

$100 / 1 hour session

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Save time & money with this 30 minute session before you go into the studio. Bring 1-2 of your new songs for an in-depth sync-ability assessment based on tone/feel/theme OR rewrites/revisions from previous sessions to see if they are ready to record.  Nancy and Queenie will also listen to and offer production notes on your demos or fully produced recordings before you invest in the final mastering.

$60  / 30 minutes

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Nancy and Queenie will assess the potential “sync-ability” of your current songs or back catalog and help you mine the gems that would be viable to pitch in today’s sync market. They will listen to a verse/chorus and give you a Yes or No with a brief explanation. 10+ songs or as many as will fit in the allotted time.

$120 / 1 hour session

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Nancy Peacock

Nancy Peacock, CEO/Owner, Washington Street Publishing

Nancy is a frequent panelist and song evaluator for various organizations and conferences including Durango Expo, West Coast Songwriter’s Conference, ASCAP Expo, Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, Global Songwriters Connection Focus Event. A graduate of Sweet Briar College and Vanderbilt University, Nancy has a BA in applied classical music and an MA in history. Settling in Atlanta to raise her family, Nancy’s love of pop and r&b music eventually led her to songwriting and back to Nashville. From its inception in 2006, Washington Street has grown into a respected independent publishing company and boutique sync music library. She is a member and actively involved in AIMP, The Recording Academy (former board member), CMA, WIFT, SOURCE and SOLID.



Queenie Mullinix

Queenie Mullinix, Creative Director, Washington Street Publishing

The singer/songwriter gained valuable experience in performance, promotion, and booking as a member of several notable Atlanta bands before going solo. Queenie also founded and ran an independent musician referral service in metro Atlanta. Her musical ‘education’ continued through music business workshops, conferences, and continuing ed. courses at Emory University. Queenie also learned the basics of recording and production working with Grammy award-winning producer Billy Hume (Infamous Stringdusters, Ying Yang Twins, Lil John) at his Zone Studio. In 2001 she and her husband, bassist Dave Webb, moved to Nashville where she worked as a song plugger / creative director for Wolf Music & Sound Design and publicity director of Slugfest Records before coming on board as creative director of Washington Street Publishing.

Please note this service is available to GSC members only ($50 per year membership).

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