GSC Songwriter FOCUS

3 Days. 3 Publisher Meetings. 3 Pro Co-writes….and YOU!

Past Member Success:

  • One member received a publishing deal offer immediately following the event.
  • Publishers have given members an open door to pitch them one or two songs a month throughout the year.
  • Members established relationships and have continued co-writing with the pro-writers.
  • Publishers have published and demo’d the songs written at the event.
  • Publishers have been pitching songs they heard during meetings.


GSC FOCUS is a service being offered exclusively to our GSC members where the focus is on you and taking your songwriting career to the next level.

Playing one or two songs for an industry professional doesn’t always provide a true picture of who you are as a writer. So, what if you could play 20-30 or more songs during an event? The GSC Focus event provides an assessment of your strengths and areas of development before you come to the event. You will then spend 3 days actually working with the pro’s on those areas.

This event is limited to GSC members only. You must complete and submit an application to be considered to attend ($25 Non-Refundable Application Fee Applies)

Here’s what this exciting 3- day weekend event includes:

  • 3 Action Packed Days
  • 1 Comprehensive Mentoring Assessment (play up to 30 songs)
  • 3 Pro Songwriter Co-Writing Sessions
  • 3 Publisher Lunches with Top Industry Publishers and Pro Writers
  • 3 One-on-One 30-minute Publisher Meetings (play up to 5 songs)
  • 3 Q&A Sessions with the Industry Pros
  • 1 Comprehensive Song Evaluation Session

Sound interesting? Here are more details:

  • This event happens only 4 times a year.
  • Each event is limited to 6 members
  • You must complete and submit an application to be considered to attend ($25 Non-Refundable Application Fee Applies)
  • Instructions on downloading the application will be sent to the email address on your member account after checking out
  • If you are selected, registration cost is $2295 (does not include travel or hotel cost. Breakfast and lunch included each day with evenings open for experiencing Music City)
  • The event takes place virtually on Zoom with individual breakout writing sessions scheduled in different Zoom rooms. 


Due to the overwhelming interest in this event, all applications must be received 3 weeks before the FOCUS event date. Please check our calendar for available FOCUS event dates throughout the year.

If you’re interested in taking your songwriting career to the next level, make plans to attend one of these incredible events! If you are still not convinced, watch Sheree tell all about it in the video below.



What is a comprehensive mentoring session?


Tell me more about the pro co-writing sessions?


Tell me more about the publisher meetings?


Who will attend and what can I expect from the publisher luncheon?


Who performs the song evaluation session and how many songs can I play?


What are the Q&A panels about?


Payment/Refund Policy: Payment of the FOCUS application fee is due with the application and is non-refundable. Application fee will be applied to your event fee if you are accepted to attend. If you are chosen for the event, then the payment for the event can be paid in full or broken into two payments. The initial payment is due within 3 days of your acceptance and final payment is due by 3 weeks before the event date. An online payment option is available. Full refunds can be issued if cancellation is made before 3 weeks of the event date. Within 3 weeks of the event date, no refund of a full or partial payment will be issued.