Get Results with Our Recommended Membership Plan

Songwriter MembershipThinking of joining Global Songwriters Connection or renewing your membership?

Ever wonder how the GSC membership pricing and features stack up to other songwriter organizations?

Global Songwriters Connection believes that developing a successful career as a songwriter is a work-in-progress and not everyone is at the same level. We have created a way for you to get connected to the right industry professionals at the right time based upon where you are in your development. We want to know you and your goals personally. What makes GSC different is that you pay for services only when you need them and are ready for them.

Membership to a reputable songwriters organization can cost up to $400 per year, with songwriters belonging to more than one organization at a time. Most require a one-time, up-front fee of the full amount or offer a monthly installment option. Here is how we differ. We recommend you spend $50 for a membership initially and, when you are ready, purchase the following services on your own schedule in this basic order to experience real results. The total cost is a comparable $265. Purchase a Gift Certificate for the full amount or simply just follow the plan as your budget allows.

1. Start with a $50 membership

  • You will receive a membership card which entitles you to other industry discounts.
  • You will have access to our video library. Watching these is an important first step.
  • You will take advantage of discounts on all of our services.
  • A GSC membership indicates you are serious and committed to being a successful songwriter.
  • More about the membership HERE.

2. Schedule a $45 song evaluation session

  • This is a face-to-face (via Skype or phone) evaluation of 2 of your best songs.
  • This is how we assess where you are as a writer in your development process.
  • Those 2 songs will find direction, purpose and will be better songs–guaranteed.

3. Schedule an $80-$100, one-hour, face-to-face career mentoring session

  • This is where we establish a personalized plan of action for attaining your career goals.
  • We listen to 3 songs and help you find direction for you and your style of music.
  • We develop a plan for you to overcome roadblocks and challenges.
  • Learn specific skills from specialized mentors on important industry topics.

4. Sign up for at least two $20 Listen Only Publisher Online Pitch Opportunities

  • Listen to 30 songs being pitched to a reputable publisher, much like a 2-hour seminar.
  • You will watch online in real-time as the publisher listens and comments on each song.
  • This will prepare you for a future song pitch at one of the upcoming Publisher Online Pitch events.
  • It is highly recommended to “Listen Only” before you pitch a song.

5. Sign up for a $30 Publisher Online Pitch

  •  Get your song in front of a reputable and active industry publisher.
  •  The publisher will see your name, your photo, bio and lyric as your song is being played.
  • You will watch online in real-time as the publisher listens and comments on each song.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from 29 other songs being pitched, much like a 2-hour seminar.
  • You will connect with potential co-writers.

6. Get invited to Exclusive Global Songwriters Connection events throughout the year

Total Cost: Only $265!

That is a small financial investment toward getting the right services that connect you to the right people at the right time. It could be the most valuable step you make to take your songwriting career to the next level.


GSC Mega Package Deal: Keep it simple and purchase a GSC gift certificate for $265 now and use it anytime you choose!