Singer Songwriter Membership

Annual Singer/Songwriter Membership Only $50

Feel isolated? Disconnected? Now What?

A Global Songwriters Connection membership will ensure that you:

  • Get connected to real industry resources
  • Get heard by publishers
  • Get access on all GSC member only services and events
  • Get the information you need to grow as a music industry professional
  • Get Results in less time!


Get Encouraged, Equipped and Empowered!

Your Global Songwriter Connection website membership is your personalized music career support system. Membership benefits include online discounts on all services, connects you to industry resources and relationships that singers and songwriters need to jump start your career.

Everyone Longs to Belong.

Global Songwriters Connection is an organization offering a community of creators connecting to industry relationships, opportunities, and information that will help them make progress in their artistry development and optimize their chances for creating a successful music industry career.

How much does a GSC membership cost? How long does my membership last?
  • A GSC membership is only $50 per year when purchased online through our website.
  • Your membership is good for one year and will begin the day you join.
  • You will receive your GSC personalized membership card in 7 to 10 business days.
  • You will receive a membership number immediately allowing access to members services.
What does a GSC membership include? What can I expect from a GSC membership?*
  • Your membership has a unique connection number that gains you access to:
    • Member discounts on all GSC singer /songwriter services
    • Our growing educational video library
    • A multitude of valuable resource lists and articles
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter containing valuable insider information.
  • If your songs are selected for further review through GSC services, your music will receive increased visibility.
  • You WILL have fun learning and growing as a singer /songwriter AND a music industry professional.

A GSC membership is like a gym membership; if you don’t use it, it won’t help you!

How Can I Join?
  1. Simply click on the BUY MEMBERSHIP NOW button, add the membership to your cart, create an account and check out using our secure payment process. Your membership will be activated immediately and you will be sent a confirmation email with your member number.
  2. Send in a check along with your name as you want it to appear on your membership card and your address, phone number and email address to P.O. Box 140623, Nashville, TN 37214. Your membership will be activated as soon as we process your payment. You will receive a confirmation email with your member number.
How will I connect to publishers and opportunities in the industry ?

Many of the GSC services will have you connecting to industry professionals through affordable face-to-face online events right from the convenience of your own computer. The GSC website will post the industry professional’s bio, photo and success track record so you can chose which industry professional and event you would like to connect with.  The GSC online events are a great industry networking tool!  Opportunities for your music will be posted periodically through our bi-weekly newsletter, so make sure to open it and read it!

Tell me about the discounts I receive on other industry services with my GSC membership.

As a member, you receive access to purchase all of our GSC Signature Services such as Song Evaluations Sessions, Career Coaching Sessions, Webinars and Online Events. GSC will also be featuring many of our industry service partners!  You will receive discounts from industry partners on items you need like demo’s, image styling, photographs, editing for bio’s and electronic press kits, website creation, social media assistance and more. More importantly, these service providers will be teaching you how to make the most of their services before you make a purchase so you can make an informed decision. At GSC, we want to direct you to very specific industry services that provide excellence, quality and integrity. In other words, you only pay for what you need based on a specific plan created by you and your mentor.


Annual Singer/Songwriter Online Membership Only $50

*Your GSC membership fee is non-refundable, so please consider your purchase carefully. GSC does not guarantee success.  GSC does guarantee that within 60 days you will be pleased with your personalized services such as Song Evaluations, Career Coaching and events or your money back. Please see our TERMS OF SERVICE.