Wondering what you can do next to further your career? Could you use the help of industry professionals who excel in positioning songwriters and artist/writers to succeed? Meet the Global Songwriters Team!

There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plan of success for creators. All Songwriters are at different levels of development and have different goals, responsibilities and relationships.  A one-hour, personalized, face-to-face Career Mentoring session is focused on developing a step-by-step career plan specifically designed for you. Imagine!  One hour out of your day could bring the focus and clarity you need on what to do next for your music industry career.

These one-on-one sessions can also be utilized for a personal and focused evaluation of (3) of your songs (with the lyric) with a music industry professional to further your unique vision and career goals on the music industry.

Sheree Spoltore

Sheree’ Spoltore’

GSC President – Specializing in Music Career Coaching

Music industry professional, career coach, mentor, motivational speaker and teacher, Sheree’ Spoltore’ is known as a songwriter’s best friend. Sheree’s career purpose and passion is encouraging, equipping and empowering songwriters of all genres to be at their personal best. Let her 20 years of experience work for you. READ MORE ABOUT SHEREE’

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Jared Jones

Specializing Metadata for your Recordings

In partnership with GSC President, Sheree Spoltore, Jones created an insightful and eye-opening presentation on the importance of metadata in the music business, and why it is important for songwriters, producers, and artists. The presentation, “Metadata Matters” was first shared at GSC Focus events. Through GSC, Jones now a 1-hour mentoring sessions, where songwriters, artists and producers can gain more insight into how Metadata can help boost visiblity to your recordings.  READ MORE ABOUT JARED

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Nancy Peacock and Queenie Mullinix

Specializing in Film and TV Sync Placements

Nancy and Queenie at Washington Street Publishing will guide you through the process of “syncing” your songs in film & TV. Yes, they will both be in this mentoring session with you where you will learn how to write, produce, and pitch songs that will grab the attention of music supervisors. Get the “inside info” about what music they are seeking for current projects! Now more than ever, the sync world is open to the music of the independent writer and artist. So, get ready! The 1-hour session will include an evaluation of 2-3 of your songs for film/TV placements. READ MORE ABOUT NANCY AND QUEENIE

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Woody Bomar

Woody Bomar

Specializing in The DOs and DON’Ts of a Successful Publisher Meeting

Have your own private one-hour online mentoring session with longtime Music Row publisher Woody Bomar, President of Green Hills Music Group. His career started as a successful songwriter and eventually General Manager of Combine Music. He later was President of Little Big Town Music Group and then Senior Vice President of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville. He is now President of Green Hills Music Group, an independent, boutique-style home for exceptional songwriters. READ MORE ABOUT WOODY BOMAR

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What does a Career Mentoring session cost?

  • $80 – $100/ hour for GSC members depending on the mentor you choose.

What does a Career Mentoring session include?

  • An interactive meeting via video conferencing, by phone or in person:


  • In-depth discussion of your career goals centered around your music:


  • An opportunity to be vocal with someone who will truly listen:


  • One hour focused solely on creating a career plan or focused on a specific industry topic :


  • A followup from the mentor outlining what to do next (career mentoring only):


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