A very special “meant to be” connection and cut via a GSC POP Event

Briana Dallas and Steve

Steve Peters from Louisiana is fairly new to the GSC family and has just started pitching his songs on our GSC Publisher Online Pitch event.  Steve recently pitched a song to Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music Publishing.   During the process, Steve shared a very personal song with Dallas regarding the very recent loss of his son.  Little did Steve know that Dallas manages and represents artist and GSC member Briana Dominica whose mission and message is to reach people who are considering suicide with a message of hope.  Steve’s song is a great expression of love and hope.

Briana has been very open to the fact that she has lost a brother and several close family relatives to suicide.  Steve’s song regarding the loss of his son perfectly fits the work and message of HOPE that Briana is sharing through her Suicide Awareness program called “Warrior in Me” program.

Dallas was kind enough to play the song Steve pitched with his artist Briana Dominica. Briana loved the song and has committed to recording this song, putting this song on her next project, and there is a possibility that it will be her next single.  At GSC, we sometimes sit back and marvel at how the pieces and people come together and the incredible, nearly magical journey a song takes to reach its just right destination.

Over the past couple of years of Covid, there are a lot of people suffering anxiety from loss of jobs, fear, loss of family to Covid, and they are hurting more than they have ever known.  Suicide seems to be the only way out of their unbearable pain.  If you know of someone who may be experiencing these types of feelings, please connect them to Briana’s website and/or her social media pages.  Her website contains helpful video’s, tips, tools and resource materials that may save a life! Learn more about Briana at https://www.brianadomenica.com/ .

Steve, your GSC family thanks you for your courage to share this very special song.  We trust that millions will hear its message of hope and compassion and we thank you for including us on this special journey.  ~Your GSC Family