Global Songwriters Connection strives to give the highest quality of service to songwriters all over the world. From productive career mentoring sessions to honest song evaluations, GSC give the songwriter the tools necessary to succeed in this highly competitive music business. With our Publisher Online Pitch service, STEPS seminars and GSC mixers, you are sure to make valuable connections to industry professionals and potential co-writers.

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 Member Reviews:

Peter S.
Dear Global Song Connection Thank you for your supportive and enthusiastic affirmations. We are all in the business of supporting songwriters, composers and performers being the best they can be to share their meanings and tell their/our stories as peoples and nations to increase intercultural awareness and understanding. And just to write better songs that are engaging and pleasurable just through the experience of listening to good music and songs.To also give every human who wants to make songs and music and at whatever the level from grassroots through to the professional the right to do so. Everybody as a right to believe they can write, create and make songs they enjoy and can share these with others. We’d love to communicate with you and any other orgnaisation. Warm regards PJScully -Pete- PreZ of The Songwriting Society of Australia – SSA – Love/Peace & Music making. Is there anything else……yep sharing peoples stories !!!!

Beau F.
Just got my Global Songwriter Connection membership card at my office on Music Row! !! I encourage every songwriter to look them up and join. Tell em’ Beau sent ya!! Thank you Sheree Spoltore for all you do for the music community but more importantly, the relentless support and encouragement you give to songwriters everyday. If it weren’t for you I might not be where I am today. Thank you!!

Ava R.
Dear Sheree, what a GREAT time at the GLOBAL SONGWRITERS CONNECTION Mixer last night… Wonderful turn out and met some really cool peeps too!! And how ’bout that awesome FOOD prepares by Momma P’s herself, Debbie Pascarella!! — atThe 515.

Penny Dionne
Congrats Global Songwriters Connection on your successful event yesterday at The 515. Anyone who hasn’t heard about this organization should check it out! Sheree Spoltore continues to make a big difference for songwriters, artists, and the music business community. You can find out more by visiting

Brad Y.
The only thing I’ll say about this is- if only Sheree’ “coulda” started GSC 10 years ago I “woulda” joined up then, and I “shoulda” been 10 years ahead of where I am-  Thanks Sheree’!!!

Beverly H.
Thank you so much Sheree!! You are a true inspiration to all of us who have decided to take this journey! Many Blessings Always!

Tim M.
Just pitched our song Sugar In The Raw to publisher Woody Bomar via Global Songwriters Connection and my friend Sheree Spoltore, who really has a passion for songwriters. Woody seemed to like the song and took it for further consideration!

Donna B.
I had the most wonderful meeting this morning with the ever-so-talented Sheree Spoltore President of Global Songwriters Connection

— I highly recommend this organization (as does Mountain Row Music) to all songwriters… Regardless of where you are in life with your career, this organization will boost you spiritually as well as give you REAL contacts in the music industry to help you walk your musical path.

Brenda J.H.
I have had the most amazing song evaluation with Sheree Spoltore from, Global Songwriters Connection! I know its Sunday but, because of circumstances, Sheree and I couldn’t connect for our session on Friday! This is how wonderful Sheree is to, go ahead with our meeting on a weekend. For those of you who have not experienced being a part of such a personal journey with one on one mentoring, song evals, focus groups, tools, positive realistic goals but most of all the, real sense that this organization is the place you truly need to be, this is for you! I encourage one and all to not short change yourself! I want to personally encourage you to find this out for yourself! Go to Global Songwriters Connection and give yourself this gift of a lifetime! Keep writing and happy holidays!

Dave Q.
Thanks for another great POP session last night Sheree’….learn so much during these!!

 Ken M.
If you are a songwriter, I strongly suggest that you do yourself a favor and join the Global Songwriters Connection! GSC has proven to be the most valuable resource for my songwriting! Through their Publisher On-line Pitches, I’ve had songs taken by four different Nashville Publishers. Additionally, I just got a great indie cut from a pitch listed on GSC. Sheree’ has gone the extra mile to open doors for me and I can’t thank her enough! You go Girl! Your buddy, your pal…. Ken

Brian M.
To all of my friends who are musicians and songwriters:
I recently joined a wonderful organization, owned by Sheree Spoltore, called Global Songwriters Connection . You really should check it out if your music career isn’t where you want it to be. I am confident Sheree will help me to achieve my goals, long and short term. The website is

Jayne S.
I truly enjoyed my song evaluation session with Sheree’ today! Her advice and suggestions made PERFECT sense to me. It was extremely encouraging and I actually grabbed my guitar and my pen as soon as we hung up so I could go to work! I am excited to talk with her again and continue to gain knowledge. SO fun!

Sandra S. D.
Thank you, Sheree, for an incredible career mentoring session. The feedback, guidance and direction you provided were exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I truly appreciate your encouragement and kind words. I will put everything you said into practice, I promise!

Yvonne M.
What an inspiring mentoring session you shared with me today!
I am so excited about the possibilities for my renewed career direction and looking forward to being another success story for theGlobal Songwriters Connection!

Rita B.
If you’re debating joining GSC, debate no longer! Join! You will be encouraged, equipped and empowered! If you want to make progress and connections GSC is the right place for you!

Carlene T.
Sheree, This online pitch to publisher idea work SO WELL! I listened to everyone else’s songs and loved the feedback the Word publisher representative gave on Just for a Moment and Spring Rain. And I’m thrilled he took Spring Rain to hear the rest of it. GREAT night and I will participate every time from now on. Thank you so much for starting this new company for us!

Carrie D.
Just finished reviewing part of a recent mentoring session I had withSheree Spoltore through Global Songwriters Connection! What incredible information I have received through Sheree and this organization. For any song-writers out there in need of a little direction and encouragement – GSC and Sheree are a fabulous resource!
I am in the process of planning my first ‘official’ trip to Nashville this fall and this connection has been a great help so far
Feeling blessed!

Carlene T.
I just finished another GREAT song evaluation session with Sheree Spoltore who started this organization. I can’t tell you how insightful and helpful she is, with really good suggestions on my songs. Thank you, Sheree!

Karolyn M.
Sending lots of love and thanks tonight to the amazing and brilliant Sheree Spoltore and Global Songwriters Connection! I’m a very proud member and if you are a songwriter living in Nashville (or anywhere!) you NEED to become a member!

Donna B. B.
my girlfriend Sheree Spoltore President of Global Songwriters Connection is so wise. Her recent quote in an email to me was “Team work…makes the DREAM work!”. I love it and am so proud of her accompishments.
I highly recommend her to all of my music buddies and friends who are looking for a music “guidance/career coach” & DIRECT link to the Nashville Music community to join up with. Mountain Row Music fully supports this powerful executive.

Doug F.
I want to give a big shout out to Sheree and Global Songwriters Connection. Over the past few months though mentoring sessions with Sheree, GSC has given me guidance on how to create real relationships within the industry in Nashville even though I live in Canada.

For the last year, I was getting lost of positive feedback on my songs, but I was only getting generic advice like. “keep writing” and “write stronger hooks”. Sheree help me develop a strategic plan for working on the business side of music while continuing to develop my skills and techniques as a writer. This is the music “business” after all. I have to say that it takes lots of hard work and digging, but I’m starting to see the doors open and those key relationships develop.

If you haven’t done it already, spend an hour or two with Sheree and her team on Skype with a mentoring session. She will tell you the truth about where you are at right now and work with you on a plan to help you reach your goals.

 Melissa M.
I’ve been working with the beautiful Sheree Spoltore for the past year. She’s given me so much direction in where to take my songs. Lately, every single day is filled with exciting news. Publishing meetings, co-writes at different companies.. I know I’m getting closer and closer to finding the best company for my music, and I have her to greatly thank for that!!!  LOVE YOU SS! xo

Cheryl  B.
To Sheree, Lou, Dallas and anyone else involved in POP last night…First off what a wonderful experience it was. In all the years I have been doing this I have never had the chance to actually sit down with publisher and get feedback. For him to like one of my songs and what I do as a writer was just a bonus. What a great feeling to finally be validated!

Stephen H.
Sheree Spoltore of Global Songwriters Connection threw a wonderful meet and greet at the amazing 515 Studio in Nashville last night. It was a blast. If you’re at all interested in the songwriting business you need to be a member.

Lorna F.
Global Songwriters Connection….songwriters…I recommend you check out Sheree Spoltore’s amazing site ….she is truly on your side and making great things happen for a lot of people. It’ll probably be the best $50 you spend, top become a member!

Molly B.
Had an awesome night at the Global Songwriters Connection mixer! Met a lot of great writers, listened to some true storytelling, and (don’t tell my mom) had some of the best home cookin’ I’ve had in a while  So great to finally give Sheree Spoltore a giant hug!

Kathy M.

Sheree… you are a beautiful and radiant example of love… every encounter I have had with you has been as you described here… thank you so much for all of your authentic and kind support of Tim and I… I still have the voice message you sent me filled with encouragement… it was so positive that not even washing my phone in the washing machine could take it away!!!!!!!!!!! That was my my biggest regret when I discovered I had washed my phone… but then it was miraculously saved…!!!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for connecting me with Mark Meckel regarding my book Freedom Train for Kids… he is an absolute gem to my co-writer Kathie Eidson and I… we were up in Nashville last week and had some amazing meetings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Q.
There’s something about GSC that just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling….like they truly care for your development and success, and events like the P.O.P. last night really show you that! All of GSC-er’s are making me a better writer…you rock and I’m glad to be a part of this group!

Cindy C.
Thank you Sheree for the song evaluation meeting last Friday. You were so encouraging and helpful – just what I needed to get that extra motivation to go forward. I’ve already got my mentoring session booked with you too! Thanks for being such a blessing to me!

Carrie C.
Thank you Sheree Spoltore and everyone at GSC! Tonight was so much fun and I cant wait to do it again!

Melissa V.
Although I haven’t yet become a member, I value everything I read on the GSC page – Everyone here is so helpful and I love the tips from the POP events – I love reading everyone’s bios! Congrats to all and a big toast to continued learning, crafting, and keeping dreams alive!

Marty D.
So I’m working in the studio on a rough mix on two songs prepping for a competition and my phone rings, hmmm, Nashville number… it’s Tanya from Global Songwriters Connection calling up to ask me how I’m doing with my writing – well, that’s the first word I’ve heard from anyone in a long while regarding what I’m doing – sometimes I feel like a shadow working in the dark – I can’t tell you how that felt to know that someone other than God, my spouse or myself cared at all about what I was doing. Thanks, guys…