Mary DesmondIreland Honors GSC Member and Songwriting Luminary
Mary Desmond, selected as
Ireland’s 2016 Songwriter of the Year!

By:  Dan Reifsnyder

GSC member and Irish music icon Mary Desmond was honored with a tribute and award night in Ireland at the Deanrock Ballroom, recently.

Artists Pat Daly, Finbarr Dennehy, Maura Dennehey, Joe Cooke, Mike Conda, Mona and musical duo “Just 2” showed up to recognize Mary’s many contributions to the music scene and perform her songs.

John Russel and Pat Daily, both involved in the Irish music field, helped put together and promote the event. Mary is prolific – having written hundreds of songs – many of which have achieved success not just in Ireland, but in England as well.

In addition, just last week, Mary was selected as Ireland’s 2016 Songwriter of the Year and yet another celebration of Mary Desmond’s songwriting achievements is pending. One of her songs, “My Phone Call to Heaven”, reached #1 on the Irish charts.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Mary has set her sights stateside to her next big dream – writing in Nashville. Many of her songs have been played through the GSC Publisher Online Pitch events and several times the songs have been taken by the publisher for further consideration.

Last year, Mary came to the US for the purpose of writing with some of Nashville’s top songwriters.  These connections and opportunities were facilitated by the Global Songwriters Connection team.  Mary made a huge impression on Nashville industry professionals with her determination to succeed and to learn the language, the phrasing and the US songwriting market.

“GSC has been a huge help to me, and Sheree has shown me such kindness,” Mary adds. GSC is proud of Mary and all her accomplishments!