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Review by Lorna Flowers – Songwriter

Lorna Flowers

Lorna Flowers

“Sheree’ Spoltore’ is not only one of the most experienced music industry professionals I know, she is probably the one with the biggest heart for giving of herself to whoever she is working with. She throws her whole self into whatever she is doing, for the benefit of other people. As a mentor, leader, guide, connector, songwriter, friend – or just about any other label you could add to her name, she is admirable.   Her depth and breadth of knowledge comes not from books but from experience in many areas of the music business. Her care and concern comes from her faith and her big heart. She will always seek to give advice that is truly right for the person she is helping, not just what they want to hear.

Not only that but she has an amazing way of knowing when someone needs some help, advice, encouragement etc and goes out of her way to contact them with a few words that will lift their spirits right at a crucial time when they need it. Her care and concern for people goes way beyond any work hour limits. If I were to be asked to select 3 people that anyone wanting to break into the music business should make sure to spend some time with, Sheree’ would be on that list, if not at the top of it.”



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