Lorna Flowers

One of Nashville’s Most Successful Songwriters – In Remembrance

The immeasurable influence and impact of one life is embodied today as our community experiences the loss of Lorna Flowers. If desire and hard work alone create success, then Lorna Flowers is one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters.
There is a business principal that states, “When one person has success at least ten people within their circle of influence experience success as well.” I have said many times that when Lorna experienced success, hundreds of people would be positively impacted, but I was wrong. I believe we will see that the number was truly in the THOUSANDS, as people across the world have been impacted by the kind and generous life of Lorna Flowers. Lorna embodied a humble spirit and would be greatly surprised and deeply moved to see her high level of influence.
Through the years of our professional relationship, I have often called Lorna Flowers “Nashville’s International Liaison” as it is Lorna I would call when international members came into town. Lorna helped me make sure these members made the most of their time and investment while in Music City. I believe that Lorna has now transitioned into her new role of “Inter-dimensional Liaison.”
I am grateful for every one of Lorna’s songs that I was fortunate to hear through the many years of our Music City journey together. However, one song keeps playing in my mind today. I hear Lorna singing, ”I’m Having A Good Day.”

I can’t help but think about all the wonderful memories I have of Lorna today. Maybe you are thinking the same thing. I invite each of you to share your favorite memory of Lorna by sending an email to [email protected]. Our Global Songwriters online team will compile all of your stories into a book to serve as a lasting testament of her impact on those around her and present it to Lorna’s family. I look forward to reflecting on Lorna’s beautiful life with you today.