Annalise Morelli

Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Annalise MorelliAnnalise Morelli, Singer/Songwriter

Annalise is known for her powerhouse vocals that cross many genres of music today.  While she has the ‘gift” to sing any genre of music, she chooses the world of country music because its where her heart lives.  Her parents recently discovered an old mix tape that proves Annalise’s natural God-given talent as early as 2 years old.

When Annalise is performing, she reaches out to her audience encouraging them to join in with the music.  She shares  “When the barrier between the stage and the audience is broken, then I embrace the audience and feel connected.”

Originally from Charleston, SC, Annalise lives in Nashville where she is writing and creating music everyday. You may catch her on the piano, guitar, and maybe even the drums.  As much as she loves to express herself through playing instruments, singing is her ultimate instrument of choice.

Her favorite thing to do is to perform LIVE, and once you hear her you will know why.  She has earned many accolades since her young career began, Macy’s Day Parade just at 11, studying at The Juilliard at 14, a featured segment on ABC Nightline at 17, and the list continues.

Opening for huge acts like Old Crow Medicine Show, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Phil Vassar. She is currently working on her latest project and is about to explode with fresh exciting new music.

“There is nothing else I would rather be doing, and the fact that I get to do it everyday makes everyday a great day.”

Annalise’s world is happy, and her music celebrates her enthusiasm for life. She invites her audiences to be a part of that happy and blessed lifestyle. You can reach Annalise and her team at her website,

Beverly Hingson

BeverlyHingson-300Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Beverly Hingson, Songwriter

I grew up in a very small town in Southeast Georgia. To this day, it still doesn’t have even one traffic light! I was a loner even then and loved getting off to myself and listening to any kind of music I could get my hands on. My dad listened to country. My mom being the good southern Baptist she was, only listened to gospel. I took their styles in but didn’t limit myself and to this day love all types of music.

I started writing songs when I was about 20 years old, but wasn’t serious enough about it to pursue it as a career. It would take a couple more decades and a lot more life in the rear view to cause me to have the drive it takes to want to chase this dream with all my heart. Just over 4 years ago, I decided that I wanted to one day be known as one of the best songwriters in Nashville. I have worked towards that goal every day since that decision. Dec 5th of this year marked my first anniversary of actually living here and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! I have spent all of that time trying to move to the next level in order to really feel have a confidence level to pitch my work to anyone in town.

My first single song contract was with Sherrill Blackman for my cowrite Shut Up Love. My first referral was from Bradley Collins, head of Writer/Publisher relations at BMI for my song Getting Home to You. It was referred to Chris Young at Sony. My work is also currently being pitched by Bob Stegall (Bigger Picture Music Group, Keith Stegall) and most recently, I have been receiving cowrite invitations from some writers that I have greatly admired and even studied along the way.

I am drawn to songs that have great lines. Great production is… well it’s great… but those unique lines are what made me want to be a songwriter. The challenge of coming up with words that fit together in a way that no one else has put them together before is the high that I live for!! I hope to write as long as I am blessed to live on this earth.

Sarah Spencer

Sarah SpencerGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Sarah Spencer, Singer/Songwriter

In a nutshell: Sarah Spencer writes pop folk with one part Southern spectacle, one part girlish sensibility, and a dash of woeful escapism. Sarah currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as a songwriter and session singer.

Sarah was born and raised in the Sunshine State, in the gently lilting hills of central Florida. Growing up in the horse capital of the world fostered in her a deep love of nature, animals, and eventually, music.

At age 6, Sarah started taking classical piano lessons, which sparked a life long love affair with music. Although reluctant to practice the lengthy classical pieces she was assigned, she instead began composing her own – a passion her teacher recognized and fostered.

Years later, Sarah had hundreds of pop songs MIDI orchestral movements under her belt. In high school, she began collaborating with friend Steve Morse (guitarist to Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple, Steve Morse Band, Flying Colors) producing a series of demos from writing sessions that would later lead to a full length album, “Angelfire”.

“Angelfire” toured briefly in California and Florida. Despite being an alternative, acoustic-soul project, Angelfire was incredibly well received by Morse’s rock fans.

Ken Matejka

Ken MatejkaGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Ken Matejka, Songwriter

Ken was born, raised, and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.  On his  9th birthday, his parents made a financial sacrifice and surprised him with a life-changing gift…a piano!  His adventure began.  After eight years of music lessons, he was accepted at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Music.

At the end of his sophomore year, he left CMU, performed with a folk/pop quartet, and studied acting at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. But too many ketchup sandwiches convinced him it was time to prepare for a different career.

Ken got a degree in business management from Point Park College.  When duty called, he served two years in the U.S. Navy (in Japan), where he met a wonderful woman (Sally) from Arkansas.  After his discharge from the service, they got married and moved to Kansas City, where Sally worked while Ken got his MBA. They moved again and he earned a Ph.D. in Behavioral Management from the University of Arkansas (thanks, in large part, to his uncle Sam’s G.I. Bill).  In his “day job” as a university professor, he has taught at the University of Arkansas, the University of Richmond, and Duquesne University.  Ken published a few books, including  “Hook ‘em” and “Why This Horse Won’t Drink.”

Ten years ago, the “muse” enticed him to write songs again.  Ken and his creative daughter (Anastasia) wrote two musicals, one of which (“Losing Your Faculties”) was performed in Pittsburgh.

Due to the lack of a  clear “support system” in the musical theater arena, he turned his attention to learning the country songwriting craft.  He joined NSAI (and later became a regional coordinator for three years) and attended all of the educational events that they had to offer. Ken, Sally, and their dog DUQ, have made so many road trips to Nashville that they think of it as their second home.

In 2010, Ken retired from teaching to pursue songwriting full-time. He credits NSAI and SongU for   sharpening his songwriting skills.  His first “tiny successes” included getting songs nominated for “Best of SongU”; having his name listed in NSAI’s “Ones to Watch;” licensing a song with Crucial Music; and signing a handful of single-song contracts with publishers.  He has had songs chosen for big pitches, and a couple put on hold, but he doesn’t have any “major” cuts yet, just what he calls “small steps along the way.”

A year ago, he joined the Global Songwriters’ Connection and the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. These two groups have provided him with marvelous support and valuable pitch opportunities to publishers, producers, and artists.

The past few months have brought Ken some encouraging blessings.  Thanks to a pitch at Global Songwriter’s Connection, James Robert Webb recorded one of Ken’s songs (“2000 Years”) for his 2013 Christmas album.  In January 2014, Ken learned that a song he co-wrote eight years ago (“3 Days to Live”) will be the “title song” for an April 2014 release of an album by an award-winning  Swiss country band (“Barbarella and Red Rock”).  He recently had the honor and pleasure of teaming with Linda Marcus (a pop/choral lyricist “icon”) to write the words for a tribute to the children of Newtown, Connecticut (“Unfinished Melodies”).  The premiere of this choral piece is scheduled for March 2014, in Racine, Wisconsin.  In January, 2014, the tribute received a “Silver Platter” award from ChoralNet.

Ken’s songwriting goal is to become a “one-hit wonder”… in three different genres… country, pop, and Christian!  Thanks to luck, skill, and God’s will, the dream is alive and his journey continues!

You can hear some of his songs at:

Ruben Estevez

Ruben EstevezGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Ruben Estevez, Songwriter

Music has always been a huge part of Ruben’s life.  At 5, he started playing the piano and writing poetry, and by 14, he had already written his first song.  That creative drive has only grown over the years.  Ruben moved to Nashville from Texas back in 1995 to pursue his passion for songwriting.  Two years later, he landed a writing deal with Word Records and has a number of Contemporary Christian Music cuts to his name, including one with The Imperials.  While at Word, his publisher turned him onto Country music and he was hooked! In addition to being a full-time IT Project Manager, he spends much of his spare time writing Country music!

In 2007, Ruben received his first No.1 on the Indie Country Charts when a Canadian artist, Vivian Ashton, recorded his song “Why”.  On a whim in 2011, he decided to enter The Music City Songwriter competition hosted by Craig Morgan and sponsored by the Nashville Visitors Bureau. Out of 2,200 entries, his song “Lie”, co-written with Jason Massey and Brad Ramsey, won the Grand Prize. This got the attention of Tracy Lawrence who was in the midst of looking for songs for his next major album release.  In the summer of 2013, “Lie” was cut by Tracy Lawrence on his “Headlights, Taillights and Radios” album.  Check it out here!

It is scheduled to be released as his third single in late February 2014, along with a music video.

Ruben’s wheels are always turning, hoping to come up with that next big song idea!  It’s in his blood!  “I feel incredibly blessed to be living in a town like Nashville where pursuing your dreams isn’t a luxury, it’s do or die for many that live here!  And if no one ever records any of your songs, you keep writing because it’s your passion!”  Ruben’s looking forward to what’s next, knowing that as always, there will be a lot of hard work ahead.  But he’s up for the task.



Jeb Barry

Jeb BarryGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Jeb Barry, Singer/Songwriter

Currently the lead singer/songwriter in the ‘hard dirt’ Americana group Pawn Shop Saints, Jeb resides in the rural Berkshire hills…you know, where Arlo and Aaron Lewis live…

A prolific songwriter, Jeb Barry has written over 3500 songs that roam through all styles of music… focused on Americana, bluegrass, pop, rock, and folk. And as of August 2012…Jeb began writing country songs.

Since August of 2012 he has turned his attention to Nashville. In addition to writing for the Pawn Shop Saints,  but also pitching his more country songs to Nashville insiders with NSAI, ASCAP Nashville, and several publishers and producers giving several of his songs a high rating.

Jeb has also been performed his songs as such Nashville venues as the Bluebird Cafe and Commodore Grill, and returned to Nashville to perform at those venues, and others, in July.

Jeb first gained major label (Gary Gersh/Cindi Peters at DGC) attention in the last 1980’s and early 1990’s in the power pop group The Typicals.

After years of singer songwriter styled releases, Jeb formed the Pawn Shop Saints,, which features edgy, bluegrass types of songs, but slower and darker than contemporary bluegrass. Think of a cross between Steve Earle and Old Crow Medicine Show. They have performed to thumbs up reviews at such venues as Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Club Helsinki in New York.

 Listen to Jeb Barry or the Pawn Shop Saints here…

Jeb Barry
2. Releases at

 Pawn Shop Saints:
2. Releases at


Melissa Miller

Melissa MillerGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Melissa Miller, Songwriter

Melissa Miller, a Cedarburg, Wisconsin native, began her singing career starring in her family’s home videos, belting out every song she learned in choir class each week. She’s kept a diary for longer than she can remember, and around age 14, she began rewriting lyrics to some of her favorite artists’ songs. Her guitar entered the picture, and over the years, she’s penned hundreds of original songs.

Floating on faith and positive words from family and friends, Melissa made the move to Nashville in September 2012. She hit the ground running the second she got to town, immersing herself in writing and performing opportunities all over Music City. She says there isn’t a day in Nashville that doesn’t teach her something new to bring to her songwriting; oftentimes she finds herself caught in a “flow state” writing until after 3AM. She has ultimately surrounded herself with a team of people she says she has “pixie-dust connections” with and refers to her co-writers as “some of the best friends she’s got.”

Last July, Melissa had the honor of opening for Nashville band, Striking Matches (I.R.S Records), with a six-song set. More recently, Melissa had a co-written Christmas cut, “No Place Like Home,” with Top American Idol Finalist, Naima Adedapo (Given Entertainment Group).

Over the last year, Melissa has recorded and released five singles, produced by Chip Hardy of the 515 Studio and Jim Reilley of Keaton Music Group. DJ Duncan McManus of FM 106 Milwaukee Country Radio has personally messaged Melissa to give each of these songs radio airplay on his show.

Melissa’s sounds are a mix of Pop/Country melodies with storytelling lyrics. The songs she writes and sings are commonly based on a true story. Her current project is recording her first self-titled EP. Melissa has solo or co-written all songs on the record. Release date TBD. Keep up with Melissa Miller at


Martin Ouellet

Martin Ouellet Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Martin Ouellet, Songwriter

Martin Ouellet is a French Canadian songwriter who grew up beside beautiful Lake Pohenegamook, Quebec. Martin spent his childhood entranced with Country and Rock music, and bought his first guitar at 15. As his playing developed, he made his first attempts to blend original words and music.

After college, Martin started working in forestry and raised a family, putting aside his love for music and songwriting.

In 2008, now 34, his dream of becoming a songwriter resurfaced. Martin gathered the songs he had begun years before and started working to complete them. His search for songwriting knowledge and community led to membership with Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Songwriters Association of Canada, honing his craft while simultaneously learning English.

In 2012 Martin made his first trip to Nashville. His aim was to initiate new co-writing relationships and open doors into the publishing world, goals that he diligently continues to pursue.

Recently Martin has been writing songs with his mentor, Larry Wayne Clark, who lives in neighbouring New Brunswick, Canada. Armed with a growing catalogue of fine material Martin dreams of hearing his first radio cut!


Lance Carpenter

Lance CarpenterMember Spotlight

Lance Carpenter, songwriter

When I first came to Nashville I was afraid to put 50% into being a songwriter and 50% into being an artist for fear I’d fail at both. So I put 100% into becoming the best writer I could be. In the summer of 2012 I was blessed to be offered and sign my first publishing deal. That has allowed me to turn some of my focus into my artistry

On February 7th I released my self-titled debut album (independently) on my own record label “Hillbilly Pride Records”.  I am very excited at how well it turned out. I have to thank all the folks that brought it together co-writers, musicians, graphics, photographers, but especially Jason Massey who produced the project and Forest Glen Whitehead who assisted with production and also co-wrote 3 of the songs with me. Jason is just unbelievable at bringing a song to life and I believe he will be producing many major projects in the future!

On Feb 7th My album release party was held at The Listening Room Cafe. It marked the first full band performance of my career. I told a few friends this may be my first and last or my first of many full band shows moving forward. Over 350 people attended the event and I was overwhelmed and felt so blessed that many folks would show up to see/hear me sing. I will never forget that feeling as I walked off stage…what an amazing experience.

My next full band performance will be in my hometown of Ozark, Arkansas at Thunder on the Mountain. This is the first year for this Country Music Festival and I will be performing with some amazing artists like Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry, and fellow Arkansan Justin Moore!

My debut single “One Shot” will be released to radio June 2013 and I plan to do a Texas tour this summer. I really don’t know what lies ahead but I definitely look forward to the journey!



Mary Haller

Mary Haller

Member Spotlight

Mary Haller, songwriter

Winner of NSAI’s 2011 “Hitsville” contest in Nashville and Berklee Music’s 2009 Paul Simon Celebrity Scholarship, Mary Haller has in a few short years gone from being one of Boston’s most respected arts publicists to a respected artist in her own right.

With one foot in Boston, one in Nashville, and roots in the Midwest, Haller combines her musical background with her love of language in crafting songs aimed at the commercial country and pop markets.

In April 2011, her song, “Instead of Roses” was signed to a single-song contract with ole, one of the world’s largest independent music publishers, after being named one of two winners of ole’s “Hitsville” event during its U.S. debut.

Haller is a classically-trained musician (keyboard, flute) who performed actively for many years as a flutist in ensembles at the University of Michigan (Symphony Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band) and in Boston-based orchestras. Representing the state of Michigan as a member of the 1979 McDonald’s All-American High School Band, Haller performed in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to the Tournament of Roses Parade. Haller has also studied West African drumming.

As a writer and publicist, Haller has worked for a number of Boston-area arts and educational institutions, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she was Director of Arts Communication for sixteen years.



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