Kevan KikGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Kevan Kirk, Songwriter

Fourteen years ago, Kevan Kirk became a dedicated student of the art of songwriting. As he wrote and learned more about the music industry, he found not only a great artistic community, but a highly integrated business network. He began making frequent trips to Nashville in order to attend industry events and network with his peers, while also supporting the local music business community by recording in local studios. Kevan has been thankful to experience some success in his musical journey, with five independent cuts under his belt and two Songtown USA writing awards. Kevan formed his own publishing company, kevankirkmusic Publishing, LLC and has already produced a music video for his original song, “Sweet Addiction,” which garnered national airplay on TCN-The Country Network, now known as ZUUS.

While Kevan’s solid work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong faith has helped him attain a steady stance in the industry, his musical journey began very simply on the strings of an old guitar.

When Kevan Kirk was five years old, he was drawn to a guitar that had been lying in the corner since his father received it as a birthday gift earlier in the year. While he had dreamed of being an astronaut or fireman, once he felt the smooth wood of that guitar in his hands, he knew that music was his future. As Kevan grew up, his grandmother became his greatest musical influence exposing him to great artists like Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and Al Jolson, as well as teaching him to play the Hammond organ. He became intrigued by different styles of music and found himself flipping through the stations on the radio listening to the varied sounds and rhythms. The diversity in his musical background greatly influenced him and before Kevan finished high school, he began writing his own songs.

Kevan formed a rock band with several of his friends and started playing their original music around his hometown of Santa Clara, CA. He experienced the first taste of success when his band was asked to be the Whiskey-A-Go-Go’s house band and even released a four song EP. As he continued to evolve in his writing, Kevan found that his songs began to lean toward the contemporary country genre and he set his sights on Nashville.

Kevan continues to write and learn as much as he can in order to attain his goal of being signed to the all elusive publishing deal. He enjoys celebrating each successful milestone as it comes and believes that the journey is more important than the destination.

Kevan currently lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife, but will soon relocate to his beloved Nashville to continue to focus on his music and career.