September 10th: GSC Co-Writer Mixer

Global Songwriters Connection Free Mixer – “Focus on Finding Co-Writers”

The Global Songwriters Connection “Focus on Finding Co-Writers” mixer was a success. It was held at the 515 Studio in Berry Hill south of Nashville, Tn. on September 10th. We had over 20 in-person participants and almost 25 online participants.

One of the most common challenges and questions I am asked every day by songwriters is…”Can you help me find a co-writer?”   Fixing you up with a co-writer is like fixing you up with a blind date!  So I found a solution!  GSC IS your co-writing CONNECTION!  Last night songwriters from all over the country were connecting with songwriters here in Nashville!  Songwriters here in Nashville were connecting with other songwriters in town!  Here is what happened!  Each songwriter told their names, gave a quick intro of themselves and then they played a verse and chorus of a song.  Songwriters online were listening in and connecting with those they wanted to write with on Facebook.  The only thing we couldn’t share was the coffee and the dessert!  There were GREAT songwriters in the GSC House last night and too many to name but thanks to EVERY ONE for attending.  Here are a few pics so you can enjoy too!

GSC mixer