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Sheree Spoltore

Make Money With your Music

“Get GIGGY with it!”

Thursday, March 7th at 6:00- 7:00 CST

Featuring: Sheree’ Spoltore’

(This GSC webinar is designed for professional artists, singer/songwriters who have been on the road OR these tips are a great template if you are beginning the touring process.  This affordable event is limited to 50 participants.)


More and more professional writers are making a living on the road. In today’s current indy artist market more and more singer/songwriters are being encouraged to take the leap from the comfort of their living room to local stages.

However, you may be a performing artist/writer who is exhausted from all the work it takes to get a gig?  You may be the one making the calls, making the connections so that you can get the gig so you can do the show, sell a few cd’s and leave just to do it all over again?  THEN WHAT??  When you leave the venue, what are you taking with you other than your check for the night? Can you get more results from your efforts?  YES!  YOU CAN!  I would love to show you how you can maximize and amplify your efforts!

  1. Learn how to increase your number of Gigs!
  2. Learn how to increase your income from Gigs!
  3. Learn how to increase your residual results from Gigs!
  4. Learn how to increase your fanbase or facebook through your Gigs!

YOU CAN..make a living with your music!  Let’s get started.