Mentoring Guidance – Resonates OR Resistance?

I hear from so many songwriters who are very confused by all of the mentoring advice they receive from various industry professionals. One mentor says one thing; another mentor says the opposite! The songwriter is on the outside trying to get to the inside by following the expert’s advice. I completely understand how that feels!

Let me give you a little insight on the process. Just know that each person is truly trying to give you their best perspective from their experience and their role within the industry. Remember the role of that industry professional when you are in your mentoring. Very different advice will be given from someone who is working in Film/TV versus someone who is working in the commercial radio market. YOU have the answers inside of you for your songs and your career.

Here are a couple of suggestions for the next time you are trying to assimilate and apply the many mixed messages to your career and songs.

1. Did the guidance resonate? – If the guidance resonates with you and makes sense, you may feel as if a light bulb went off. If so, you have found a mentor who understands you and your goals for your music. Your goals for your music are critical to the mentoring process. There is nothing like when a mentor truly gets you and knows how to position you to succeed. Work with that mentor over and over again, as usually the more they work with you, the more they can help you develop your catalog or career. Perhaps you felt something wasn’t quite right, but you now have been equipped with the information to make the necessary corrections.

2. Did you have a strong Resistance? – If you have a strong aversion and resistance to the guidance, then write it down and simply wait a couple of days. Let your emotions fade, then take a look at what you wrote and ask yourself WHY they might have given you this advice? Usually (not always, but usually) if you have really strong resistance to information, it is information that you need and will use.