Lyrics Have an Expiration Date!

We often talk about how production is like a time date stamp and can limit the shelf life of a song. Production has a signature sound usually identifiable by the decade in which the song was produced. This is why Time Life magazine successfully sells songs by the decade like, “The Sounds of the 60’s,”  “The Hits of the 70’s,” and so forth. People who grew up in those decades are comfortable with those sounds and identify with those songs. But did you know that your lyric can also have a freshness date?

Here is a little insight on the song journey process. Just remember, I know there are exceptions to this rule, but my goal is to maximize your opportunities for success through these tips.

It  can frequently take five to ten years for a writer to actually achieve success with their first major cut. One such writer who has worked for nearly 15 years for his current success is Josh Osborne. Did you catch how I said 15 years? Even if you got a song cut today by a major artist, it might take two years to actually hit radio and three years for you to start receiving income.

Lyric language in a song that describes current technology or current buzz words like “selfie” give an expiration date on your song. Songs like “Feeling Groovy” or “The Streak” for example, are identified by the lyric as representing a certain generation and era of music.

If you do not have a way to expedite your song to market through a major artist you may be spending money on a demo for song with a very short shelf life. The choice is always up to you and if you feel strongly about a particular lyric, then please always follow your heart. If you are the performing artist, of course get your fresh and relevant song to the market asap!

Otherwise, you may want to look at your song lyric again. See if there is another word to express the same emotion without compromising the intent and integrity of your song while extending the shelf life and freshness of your song. This is what happens when a song is called timeless.

Investing in YOUR SUCCESS one tip at a time!