GSC Song Consent Form

Thank you for choosing GSC educational programs and services for your songwriting and career development.  Due to increased liability very few publishers or music organizations LISTEN to what is termed as “unsolicited material.” At GSC, every song submitted through Song Evaluations, GSC Mentoring Programs, Pitch Programs and all GSC Services WILL BE HEARD.

At GSC we receive songs from all over the world! Often the titles of these songs can be identical and frequently the lyric and the melody will be similar.   A songwriter might think that we shared their song with someone or someone “stole” their song when that simply isn’t the case!  Let me explain HOW this happens.  As human beings each of us share similar life experiences.  We are equipped with the same emotional make up when it comes to subjects that we write about such as love, loss, family, etc.  When describing an emotion such as love, we often use the same types of WORDS to describe those feelings and we usually lay those words on top of the same three chords most of us learn to play.  We are also impacted by social matters such as war and natural disasters such as floods, etc. I trust this will help you to understand why we must have you agree and click ACCEPT on our GSC Song Consent Form each and every time you submit a song.

This Song Consent Form prevents GSC from any potential liability, allows us to LISTEN to YOUR SONGS and provide you with guidance and instruction.   IF we feel your song is ready to be heard by an industry professional this form serves as your permission to do so.

Your submission of a song, whether it is lyric only or music and lyrics for evaluation by any GSC Staff is your agreement to release, indemnify and hold harmless GSC,  GSC staff, and representatives from any claim including copyright infringement and any other misappropriation that may arise from any acts or omissions in connection with the submission of your song.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office at 615-732-8832 prior to clicking ACCEPT.  We will be happy to answer your questions, but unfortunately we will not be able to listen to your songs without your acceptance of these terms and agreement.  Thank you for understanding.

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