Make the MOST of Your Song Evaluation Session!


I want you to get the most out of every minute we spend together and out of every dollar you invest in yourself.  YOU are a great investment!  Please read the important information about YOUR Song Evaluation Session Below!


Step One! At Global Songwriters Connection every service starts with YOU FIRST! Not only will your songs be developing to the next level but YOU the creator, the person, will be mentored and growing as a professional! You will learn valuable meeting skills for your future career in the music industry! Now let me answer your some of your questions.  What does a GSC song evaluations include?


  1. YOUR choice of an interactive face to face meeting via “go to meeting” or by phone.
  2. Choose two songs YOU want heard!
  3. We will listen to YOUR songs together!
  4. This is a 30 minute session focused solely on the song and song crafting!
  5. Opportunities for your songs!


#1      Would you prefer to connect by phone?  Would you prefer to connect face to face via a Video conference session? 


  1.  You can let me know your preferred method of contact when you send in your songs the MORNING of our session! 
  2. Songs need to be sent by 9:00 a.m. the morning of our session.
  3. Send songs to [email protected]. This is not an email address for communication.  ONLY for receipt of your songs.


 (I receive hundreds of emails in a day and this prevents me from having to search for your songs. Thank you for your cooperation!)


I look forward to connecting with YOU and hearing your songs!  This will be the beginning of a long working relationship. Having great relationships in the music industry is an invaluable partner to go with your great songs! Success in the music industry is most usually a process and not an overnight event.  I will be helping you make progress in your process! Let’s get started!


#2     What kind of songs can I send and do they have to be fully produced or demo’d?


  • Songs of ALL GENRES.
  • Lyric only if you are a lyricist.
  • Songs that are in development and you want to discuss song direction.
  • Songs that are completed and you are wondering if they are ready to demo or to pitch.
  • Songs recorded with just a vocal and a keyboard.
  • Songs recorded with just a vocal and a guitar
  • Songs that are fully produced.  (Just know I am more comfortable and open to mentor your songs prior to your spending a lot of money on a demo.)
  • I will require the mp3 AND the lyric on both songs


Professional songwriters with publishing deals play their songs for their publishers every day!  A great publisher will offer guidance, direction, insight and instruction.  This is usually and most often done while the song is in keyboard vocal or guitar vocal format. The publisher will then decide if he/she is going to invest in the song by demoing the song. I will be acting as your “publisher” while you are writing, growing, developing and working towards goals that represent success for you.  The only catch is….YOU own all of your publishing!  Most writers with a publishing deal give up anywhere from 50% to 100% of their publishing for guidance, representation and opportunities.


 #3     What can I expect during my session? What is the process?


  • My Time – we will spend 30 minutes together focused on developing your meeting skills, your songs and songwriting skills.
  • The Listening – We will be listening to your songs in their entirety together during your session. I may choose to speak about the first song right away OR I may want to hear both songs before I start.  If I do not speak after listening to the first song, it doesn’t mean that I may not like the song! It could be that I want to get a “feel” for where you are in the development process by listening to your second song. OR… I could be inspired with instructions for your first song and begin right away.  Each session is different. Each creator is different.  Every song is different. It is always an adventure!
  • Take Notes – The information and instruction will usually flow from me as I am inspired by your song!  I often may not remember all of the details myself once I have put it out there!  It is important for you to take notes and/or feel free to record the session! I really regret when a songwriter calls me weeks later and asks, “You said something really important about the third line in the second verse of my song.  What was it you said?”  I listen to hundreds of songs if not thousands in a year. During this time you have my complete undivided attention but I probably won’t remember a specific line and the instructions I provided later.
  • Gain Experience – You will be gaining valuable experience and growing as an industry professional yourself! There is much to be learned from having the EXPERIENCE of playing your songs for an industry professional.  Should your career develop into a professional status, playing your songs for industry professionals will be a very important part of your daily job!  It is a very different experience when YOU are the one playing your song for a Producer, Manager, A&R Representative and when you have handed off your song to perhaps a paid song plugger! I want you to start on the path of the professional songwriter now!
  • Get Prepared – These sessions will be great preparation and practice for your future industry meetings!  Not only will be developing the songs but I will teach YOU the right communication tips on how to interactive with industry professionals while playing your songs!  There are times an industry professional may choose not work with a song due to the lack of development of the songwriter!  LEARN WITH ME!  When you do go and play your song for an industry professional you will feel prepared and confident no matter what the outcome of the meeting!
  • Pay Attention to the Process – I want you to pay attention to how YOU FEEL when your song is playing. Does the intro feel too long? Does the tempo feel slower than when you were producing it in your basement?  Do you wince at the same line every time it plays?  These are your songwriting intuitions guiding you towards writing the best songs possible and it is important to note how you FEEL as the song is playing.
  • The Song Consent Form – I listen to songs from all over the world! (Wow! Aren’t I the lucky one!) Often songs come in, even from different countries, with the same title, similar lyric and using the same three chords we all use.  I never want you to think that I am sharing your song with anyone else and this protects my liability as an individual and allows me the opportunity to listen to your songs.  The potential liability is also another reason that publishers usually do not listen to what is called unsolicited material. As songwriters we all pull from the same emotional wells of love, loneliness and loss and no matter what country we are from we often use the same words to describe those feelings just in a different language!  We also often use the same sounding chords to lay those words of emotion on top of.  If you should have any questions regarding this form, please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone by calling 615-732-8832.  I will not be listening to your song without this form completed.  I thank you for understanding that I want to help you with your goals but must protect my family from liability.

#4       Can I ask questions?  What if I don’t understand a word you said or your instructions?

An important part of the development of a songwriter is learning the “language” of those working in the music industry.  It is equally as important to learn how to receive instruction, guidance and the character of being coachable.  Learning when and how to speak your own personal feelings about instruction with diplomacy is also a valuable tool. This is a skill that can be learned and is used by professional writers every day in their job. (Watch my video titled MENTOR OR CRITIQUOR? Who do YOU want to work with? )  My approach with you is always as a mentor.  Here is the process so that you will be comfortable, prepared and know what to expect during a song evaluation session as we will BOTH be asking questions!


  • I will be Asking
    • Your intentions  and goals for the songs.
    • I will provide insight and guidance for your songs based on your goals and intentions for your songs so please be prepared with your answer.  Your goals for your songs will guide and direct my instructions for your song. Example – I would have completely different set of instructions for a song whose goal is to be distribution through hospital gift shops or a song that an indy artist is performing himself, or a song for the wedding fair industry, or a song intended for a not for profit organization or a song climbing the Gospel Charts.   Your goals and intentions can be anything from, just wanting to write a better song to trying for a major artist cut with radio success.


  • Your Questions
    • This is a totally interactive session so I encourage you to ask questions, especially if there is something you do not understand!
    • Knowledge brings confidence!
    • Remember, I always start with YOU FIRST! I will be supporting YOUR personal growth as a writer and working to build your confidence as much as developing your songwriting skills.
    • My Answers and Opinions
      • Great guidance will usually resonate with you and feel right for you and your song.
      • What I share with you is only my opinion and I am not always right!
      • My goal is to help maximize your opportunities for reaching your intended goals for the song.
      • Co Writing
        • I will not be considered a co-writer on your song should you choose to use the verbiage, guidance or direction I provide for your song during this session and I hope to offer you a lot of great suggestions that will totally excite you!
        • If I offer something that feels right for you, feel free to use it!
        • The song and all information I provide you belongs to you and you alone.