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STEPS Denise Locke Heard

“Decoding the Nashville Number System”

(Let it Work for You )

DATE: September 17th at 6:30pm CST

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About this one hour S.T.E.P.S Seminar

The Nashville number system is one of the most versatile methods of writing music ever created. Unlock your creativity by learning the system used by every songwriter and musician in Nashville. Denise will show you the basics behind the Nashville number system and how it can be applied to your daily songwriting.

Denise Locke Heard is a song writer in Nashville, TN.  She moved here from Stephenville, TX after getting her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Tarleton State University.  Denise’s emphasis was in classical piano in college, but all through her college years she toured and recorded and wrote with her family gospel group all over Texas. After getting her degree she headed straight for Nashville.  Denise began playing keyboard in recording sessions and started meeting other song writers and publishers.  She has had many publishing deals and is currently working with Judy Harris Music. She is launching her new company TuneRaiser which you can check out at tuneraiser.com.  Denise has guitar, piano and song writing students that she mentors.  She loves helping people discover all the treasures she has been digging up in music all these years!