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STEPS Seminar


“Increasing Income Through Indie Cuts”

DATE: July 23rd at 6:30pm CST

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About this one hour S.T.E.P.S Seminar

Be Encouraged – LEARN firsthand how YOU CAN earn income through your catalog and recoup money back from the demo’s you have invested in over the years!

Be Equipped – RECEIVE the forms and sample pitch letters that equip you and make the process simple and easy to implement!

Be Empowered – SEE the simple step-by-step instructions on how to identify indie artists and how to connect in a way that will bring YOU real results. KNOW the three ways to invest in indie artists that will create a working relationship with these up-and-coming artists. Start getting CHECKS in YOUR mailbox!

Are you looking at years’ of songs and demo’s that add up to a lot of time and money invested but still haven’t received a return yet?  Did you know that a couple of years ago that nearly half of all Grammy Awards went to indie artists?
You have been working hard and it is time to EARN INCOME!  It is not hard to do!  You just need GSC to equip you with the forms and steps to make it happen!  GSC is not about telling you what you need to do, but showing you HOW!
This GSC one hour S.T.E.P.S Seminar will be held on Tuesday, July 23rd at The 515 Studio located at 515 East Iris in Berry Hill as well as online using our webinar software.  It will begin at 6:30pm central time. There is room for 30 in-person participants and 100 online participants.  GSC Seminars are affordable and guaranteed to make a real difference and provide real results for you in your career! Member price is only $15.00. Non-member price is $25.00.