Scott Joyce

Scott Joyce

“Most of my successes as a songwriter have come as a direct result of Sheree’ Spoltore’s guidance over the years.  Even before she was membership director over at NSAI she and I were writing songs together.  She would come over with some great lyrics and some music in mind and I’d hammer it out on the piano.  She was teaching me how to co-write and I didn’t even know it.  We went our separate ways for a few years while I pursued a career as a musician and she went to NSAI.  The next time we met was for a one-on-one mentoring session so she could help me with my writing.  She was honest with me and even though we were friends she told me the truth that my lyrics were not ready for the big-time.  She didn’t stop there though, she recommended some books, some co-writers, some NSAI online tools (videos for instance) and a clear path to follow to improve.

She also recommended I come to the pitch-to-publisher nights at NSAI and that was a real eye opener to hear what I was up against.  Over the years I have learned how to write great lyrics and I have had 3 songs signed to single song agreements.  (I’ve had one Blake Shelton cut I got as a result of co-writing with Blake while I was on the road playing for him).  I’ve had meetings with publishers and I had learned how to conduct myself during the meetings.  Now I have several publishers I can send my songs to and get direct feedback which is very valuable.  I’m still seeking that publishing deal but I’ve enjoyed every step along the way as a writer.  Thanks to Sheree’ I’ve had the tools I’ve needed along that path.”

 –Scott Joyce

Professional Musician/Owner Piano Studio Former Keyboard Player for Blake Shelton

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