Sarah SpencerGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Sarah Spencer, Singer/Songwriter

In a nutshell: Sarah Spencer writes pop folk with one part Southern spectacle, one part girlish sensibility, and a dash of woeful escapism. Sarah currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as a songwriter and session singer.

Sarah was born and raised in the Sunshine State, in the gently lilting hills of central Florida. Growing up in the horse capital of the world fostered in her a deep love of nature, animals, and eventually, music.

At age 6, Sarah started taking classical piano lessons, which sparked a life long love affair with music. Although reluctant to practice the lengthy classical pieces she was assigned, she instead began composing her own – a passion her teacher recognized and fostered.

Years later, Sarah had hundreds of pop songs MIDI orchestral movements under her belt. In high school, she began collaborating with friend Steve Morse (guitarist to Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple, Steve Morse Band, Flying Colors) producing a series of demos from writing sessions that would later lead to a full length album, “Angelfire”.

“Angelfire” toured briefly in California and Florida. Despite being an alternative, acoustic-soul project, Angelfire was incredibly well received by Morse’s rock fans.