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Pam Bowen – Songwriter

Pam Bowen

Pam Bowen

“I met Sheree in 2012 at the Ramp Bash for the Song Ramp community and at NSAI’s Spring Training.  Sheree loves songwriting, but she loves PEOPLE more.  All her short video chats are more about encouraging writers to use their unique gifts and to share their true selves than about fitting their songs to some pre-determined mold.  She is truly an advocate for the people she serves, welcoming them with a warm smile and encouraging them to keep writing, even though the commercial indicators are bleak.  I have been on the verge of songwriter despair often, but the love radiating from Sheree Spoltore has kept me coming back to my pen.   Thanks, Sheree, for believing in all of us.”

–Pam Bowen

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