Sheree Spoltore

Encouragement for Music Industry Leaders

Where Dreams Find Direction is the slogan for Global Songwriters Connection. But what happens when those who are providing direction are struggling themselves for direction in today’s radically changing film/tv and music industries?  Label Executives, Producers, Publishers and industry leaders all provide the valuable service of experienced mentoring for up and coming talent. However, providing direction in today’s constantly changing market with ever emerging new technology can often feel like a confusing maze even for those with decades of experience.

A couple of years back, I was looking at a wonderful property that contained a living labyrinth consisting of seven concentric circles. I found it interesting to note the difference between a maze and a labyrinth!  When you are in a maze, you are required to make choices and decisions of which way to turn, and may often run into dead ends in your efforts of finding the path that leads to the correct end destination. The beauty of a labyrinth is that only one choice and one decision is required! The choice and decision to simply keep walking ahead, one step at a time, as you are always on the right path, always going toward the right destination.

If you are a leader in today’s creative industry, I truly believe you are right where you need to be to continue to lead with excellence. Your experience and your knowledge are viable and a vital commodity for the next generation. You are where you are today, in this changing industry climate, because you are uniquely qualified to pass down the timeless principals of this creative business.

Be ENCOURAGED! You are totally EQUIPPED to EMPOWER the next generation. It is a job that only you can do. KEEP WALKING!

Sheree’ Spoltore’