What You FEEL vs. What You KNOW

Recently, in the period of one week, I heard three separate industry professionals in three different companies say something to the effect of “I want to quit the music industry at least once a day.” 

The irony of that statement was that each of these professionals have worked in the industry for decades, are well known for their passion and have incredibly successful careers!

I totally admire these three professionals and got to thinking about the POWER of their discipline by choosing to lead by what they KNOW rather than how they may FEEL in any given moment.

Our feelings can change from moment to moment…like when you are feeling down and you turn on the radio to one of your favorite songs and suddenly…you start “feeling” better!  Feelings can also be deceiving!  Like remember “the one”  that you now refer to as “that one!” followed by the phrase “what was I thinking?!”

Feelings change.  You may feel like you want to quit!  Feelings are deceiving.  You may feel like you are not making progress, not making a difference you desire.

The discipline of a leader requires that you go by what you KNOW and not by how you feel.  You know discipline and consistency will keep you and your career growing.  You know that habit will take you further than desire.  You know that you moved to that music mecca and may have left family and friends behind to answer that intuitive “knowing.”

Let’s ENCOURAGE one another today to lead with what we know.  You are making a difference.  Your work matters.  You KNOW you are here for a reason.

Be Encouraged.  Be Equipped.  Be Empowered.

Sheree Spoltore





Sheree’ Spoltore’

President, Global Songwriters Connection