Joshua Morningstar
Joshua Signs Publishing Deal

Press release from Songs For The Planet!

Joshua Morningstar sang for the very first time in Nashville during GSC’s Rockin’ The Rooster event sponsored in part by publishing company Songs For The Planet.  Below is the official press release announcing his signing his very first publishing deal!  Joshua has been getting a lot of attention and interest from Nashville publishers by participating in our GSC POP events and using our Career Mentoring Services and GSC Song Evaluations.  Congrats to you Joshua from your GSC family!



ABET International Music Group is proud to announce the signing of new exclusive songwriter Joshua Morningstar. Justin Peters , President of Songs For The Planet, Inc. got to meet this upcoming creative force when Joshua came to his office to co-write a song with John Berry  and Rich Fehle for Rich Fehle’s new record. Little did he know that he would be writing the title cut of the record now entitiled,  “EVERYONE’S GOT A STORY”   and then be offered an exclusive songwriting deal. “He is humble…he is grateful… and he is talented…and he has a story of his own. These are qualities that allow for great things to occur,” Justin says about this newcomer to the music business.