Melissa MillerGlobal Songwriters Member Spotlight

Melissa Miller, Songwriter

Melissa Miller, a Cedarburg, Wisconsin native, began her singing career starring in her family’s home videos, belting out every song she learned in choir class each week. She’s kept a diary for longer than she can remember, and around age 14, she began rewriting lyrics to some of her favorite artists’ songs. Her guitar entered the picture, and over the years, she’s penned hundreds of original songs.

Floating on faith and positive words from family and friends, Melissa made the move to Nashville in September 2012. She hit the ground running the second she got to town, immersing herself in writing and performing opportunities all over Music City. She says there isn’t a day in Nashville that doesn’t teach her something new to bring to her songwriting; oftentimes she finds herself caught in a “flow state” writing until after 3AM. She has ultimately surrounded herself with a team of people she says she has “pixie-dust connections” with and refers to her co-writers as “some of the best friends she’s got.”

Last July, Melissa had the honor of opening for Nashville band, Striking Matches (I.R.S Records), with a six-song set. More recently, Melissa had a co-written Christmas cut, “No Place Like Home,” with Top American Idol Finalist, Naima Adedapo (Given Entertainment Group).

Over the last year, Melissa has recorded and released five singles, produced by Chip Hardy of the 515 Studio and Jim Reilley of Keaton Music Group. DJ Duncan McManus of FM 106 Milwaukee Country Radio has personally messaged Melissa to give each of these songs radio airplay on his show.

Melissa’s sounds are a mix of Pop/Country melodies with storytelling lyrics. The songs she writes and sings are commonly based on a true story. Her current project is recording her first self-titled EP. Melissa has solo or co-written all songs on the record. Release date TBD. Keep up with Melissa Miller at