Martin Ouellet Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Martin Ouellet, Songwriter

Martin Ouellet is a French Canadian songwriter who grew up beside beautiful Lake Pohenegamook, Quebec. Martin spent his childhood entranced with Country and Rock music, and bought his first guitar at 15. As his playing developed, he made his first attempts to blend original words and music.

After college, Martin started working in forestry and raised a family, putting aside his love for music and songwriting.

In 2008, now 34, his dream of becoming a songwriter resurfaced. Martin gathered the songs he had begun years before and started working to complete them. His search for songwriting knowledge and community led to membership with Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Songwriters Association of Canada, honing his craft while simultaneously learning English.

In 2012 Martin made his first trip to Nashville. His aim was to initiate new co-writing relationships and open doors into the publishing world, goals that he diligently continues to pursue.

Recently Martin has been writing songs with his mentor, Larry Wayne Clark, who lives in neighbouring New Brunswick, Canada. Armed with a growing catalogue of fine material Martin dreams of hearing his first radio cut!