Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson

“I joined NSAI in January of 2007. I met with Sheree Spoltore shortly thereafter to discuss my goals as a songwriter, learn about the music business, and create a clear set of steps to help me along my journey.

(NOTE: At this time, I had been an “indie artist” touring the country in a van with 5 guys, released 2 CD’s, playing gigs at festivals, bars, theatres etc…I was not a “newbie” to hard work. I had been a FT musician, performer, and music instructor for over 12 years. However, I was very much a newbie in the Music Industry in Nashville. I had no idea what the world of music publishing looked like, and had no clue how professional songwriters made a living, or what business models have worked in the past or going forward in the new digital age.)

Sheree is an exceptional mentor, organized, efficient, AND creative at the same time. Sheree quickly made several key bullet points about my first few steps business wise and I left that first meeting feeling empowered, equipped and ready to get started. Over the course of the next 5-6 years, I met with Sheree several more times. Sheree was always very enthusiastic about helping me. She created business plans on the spot that helped me gain insight, experience, and the skills to reach my goals. She helped me feel confident about my goals, and inspired me both professionally and personally. Sheree’s commitment to serving the needs of others, her passion for music and songwriting, her creative business sense, and her amazing talent as a singer/songwriter herself, all influenced me in more ways than can be put in words on paper.  I would highly recommend Sheree Spoltore for anyone looking to learn more about the music business, songwriting, business plans, creative approaches for entrepreneur’s and more! “

–Lee Johnson (Songwriter, Musician, Performer, Instructor, Entrepreneur)


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