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Jeb Barry, Singer/Songwriter

Currently the lead singer/songwriter in the ‘hard dirt’ Americana group Pawn Shop Saints, Jeb resides in the rural Berkshire hills…you know, where Arlo and Aaron Lewis live…

A prolific songwriter, Jeb Barry has written over 3500 songs that roam through all styles of music… focused on Americana, bluegrass, pop, rock, and folk. And as of August 2012…Jeb began writing country songs.

Since August of 2012 he has turned his attention to Nashville. In addition to writing for the Pawn Shop Saints,  but also pitching his more country songs to Nashville insiders with NSAI, ASCAP Nashville, and several publishers and producers giving several of his songs a high rating.

Jeb has also been performed his songs as such Nashville venues as the Bluebird Cafe and Commodore Grill, and returned to Nashville to perform at those venues, and others, in July.

Jeb first gained major label (Gary Gersh/Cindi Peters at DGC) attention in the last 1980’s and early 1990’s in the power pop group The Typicals.

After years of singer songwriter styled releases, Jeb formed the Pawn Shop Saints,, which features edgy, bluegrass types of songs, but slower and darker than contemporary bluegrass. Think of a cross between Steve Earle and Old Crow Medicine Show. They have performed to thumbs up reviews at such venues as Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Club Helsinki in New York.

 Listen to Jeb Barry or the Pawn Shop Saints here…

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