Our GSC Christian POP Event and our GSC Career Mentoring Sessions are WORKING creating OPPORTUNITY for GSC members.  Here is ONE EXAMPLE of how!

Erskin Anavitarte

Erskin Anavitarte

GSC Career Mentoring Session: I remember when I first met Erskin Anavitarte from Nashville in a mentoring session back in the early part of this year.  The #2 Goal I put on his plan was “”volunteer at  The Dove Awards!””  I visualized. Erskin performing at the Dove Awards  and wanted to get him as close as I could even if it meant volunteering!  See the Fast Forward below for the rest of the story!

GSC Christian Pop Event w/ Joel Timen of Word Music Publishing:  I was putting the songs in order for our September Christian POP Event when I came across the voice of James Kocian from Wisconsin.   I called James immediately and asked if that was his voice on the cd.  He said it was not only his voice but his production as well and that he had been praying for direction for his music and career when he came across Global Songwriters Connection.  If James had NOT participated in our GSC POP Event, I would have never heard his music! And now…read the rest of the story!

Fast Forward 3 weeks AFTER the Word Music Pop Event:  My friend Jackie Patillo, Executive Director of the Gospel Music Association, called me.  Jackie had been a part of a recent GSC POP Event and was VERY impressed with the talent she heard!  Jackie asked if Global Songwriters Connection could provide two artists to perform in two different places on the Dove Awards Red Carpet for 45 minutes each.  Yes mam WE CAN!  What a JOY for me to offer this opportunity to GSC Members and up and coming  Christian Artists Erskin Anavitarte and James Kocian. They will be positioned along the Dove Awards Red Carpet where every Christian label head, every Christian publisher and every Dove Award guest and media will have to walk by Erskin and James to get into the Awards Venue! Am I excited?  Absolutely, but mostly grateful and amazed at how my industry partners are so very good to me and GSC members.

In addition, Anna Epps received a FREE GMA membership and April Fraizier has received an Immerse scholarship and one of our members songs are being pitched! Some single song contract offers are in some of  your futures from our most recent POP Event as well as co-writing opportunities!  Keep up the good work and keep participating in our GSC Events.  THE RESULTS ARE HAPPENING so sign up today!

Songs Getting Recommended!

Congratulations to GSC Members Rick Page, NH and Casey Carpenter, GA who have had their songs recommended to our GSC PLAYS 4U! Quarterly Publisher event.  Remember if YOUR SONG is taken by a publisher during a POP Event your song is AUTOMATICALLY recommended!