James KocianCongratulations to GSC Member James Kocian from Wisconsin who recently had one of his songs put on hold for a major music project through Global Songwriters. We are crossing our fingers for you James! When the song plugger had been pitching songs for the project and not getting the response James needed, he called on GSC to see if we could help.  Good news is that our GSC members are not just a number and we know the types of songs you write. This was a very specific and narrow pitch and a few writers were selected to submit.  James was among them.  He submitted a song, got their attention and it was immediately put on hold. The song is scheduled to sign a single song contract with the publisher.

You may recall that GSC invited James and Erskin Anavitarte to perform at the Dove Awards in 2013. James was first heard through a GSC Publisher Online Pitch Event and as a result, will soon be scheduling publisher meetings. James will also be one of the featured writers at our February 11 GSC PLAYS4U! event at The Listening Room in Nashville. You can connect and learn more about your fellow GSC member James Kocian on his Facebook page.