Increasing your GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT!

You asked for it, You got it! Introducing the GSC Bio Support Service.

Anyone who works in sales will tell you: the first point of contact is the first point of sale. The same rule applies when you are connecting with industry professionals. A great bio is usually the first step to opening the door to that publisher meeting, getting an audition, and making that first point of contact that will hopefully develop into a deeper connection.

Every songwriter has a unique story to tell or speak about. But for most people, the thought of promoting themselves is awkward and strange. The reality is that we all rely on some degree of self-promotion. While we’d like to think that our work speaks for itself, the fact is that usually our work needs us to put in some work to attract attention before our work can have anything to say.

That’s where GSC can help! Our staff professionals have seen hundreds, if not thousands of music industry bios and press kits. Our team will use that industry knowledge to help craft a bio that is uniquely you and get you one step closer to achieving your music goals. Whether you need to simply update your bio or refresh your entire electronic press kit (EPK) presentation to fit today’s market, GSC can help you shape and create, communicate and manage your professional music identity.

In addition to our bio support services, GSC also works hard to increase our member’s visibility and brand you within the music industry by posting member photos and bios on our website, our Facebook pages and our newsletters.

Let GSC help tell your story in 2014 and make you feel confident every time you send out your bio by creating a bio that is distinctly and uniquely you!

Watch the website for this new service to become available in February 2014.