Grant June

Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Grant June, Songwriter/Guitarist

“But there’s this faith in this unimaginable love. It put me here, it put this song in my heart”
– First Things First

Grant June has three basic goals: 1) Grow in his faith and learn to trust God. 2) Be the best husband and father he can be. 3) Write great songs.

As a guitarist and songwriter for the Rock/Powerpop group 89 Mojo, Grant has released 5 albums, two Christmas singles, and a Taco Bell jingle that won the Judge’s Favorite honor. He’s also played about 1,000 gigs.

With his solo release “Free For The Giving”, however, Grant jumped out of the shell of being a secular songwriter and guitarist. Besides handling all the vocals, guitars and bass on the album, he also pushed his lyrical boundaries by diving deep into matters of faith, love, life and death. While speaking of both the joys and struggles of the Christian heart, Grant was well aware of the need to keep it honest, yet non-preachy. The result was a collection of songs that were heartfelt and accessible to both “believers” as well as those still searching.

While in the process of recording these new songs, Grant’s father passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Trying to make sense of his dad’s death forced him to reflect on his own life and the short time we all have on Earth. This lead to the “purpose” of the future album: Give it away for free, and donate the money that would have gone towards purchasing it to charity instead. Research for cancer, autism, or cystic fibrosis. Help for the local food pantry or homeless shelter. The list of worthy causes is endless. “Free For The Giving” became both a title and purpose for the album, as well as Grant’s new ministry.

Grant is currently writing and recording more material, with plans to pitch them to publishers and find an outlet where his music may connect with others’ hearts, and more importantly, God’s unconditional love and grace.

“I’m just longing for a pure heart, reflected in action and voice”
– The Other 167