Debbie Pascarella’s Song WINS
Pensacola Songwriters Festival Inaugural Song Contest
Hits Music Row Chart Top 20!

Here is DeDebbie Pascarellabbie Pacarella’s Song Contest Story in her own words!

“The journey! The demo was hot off the press when I entered it into the Pensacola Songwriters Festival Inaugural Song Contest.  Next thing I knew…I received a phone call saying I had won FIRST PLACE with my song “I Listen to My Bad Girl.”A week after winning, I met Independent Artist, Erica Nicole. We got to talking and Erica said she was in the process of looking for songs for her newest CD. I said  “I have one that would be good for you and it just won the Pensacola Songwriters Festival Song Contest!

I emailed “I Listen to My Bad Girl” to her that night.  About a week later, I  received the news it would be recorded.  About a  month later, Erica said it would be her first single.  Several months later, it climbed the Music Row charts landing in the top 20 of the Music Row Chart and some stations listed it in their top 10!  At Renegade Radio it became a #1! It debuted at number 89 on the Billboard charts.  This song has a life of its own and is still being played a year later!!  In addition, artist Erica Nicole, won Female Artist of the Year at the most recent NIMA Awards.

Thank you Pensacola Songwriters Festival for your Song Contest!  I love being your FIRST Success Story!”

Sincerely, Debbie Pascarella