How the Catchiest Radio Commercial Jingle was Born

In March of 2013, Sheree’ Spoltore’, President of a songwriting association called Global Songwriters Connection, received an inquiry to write a commercial radio jingle for a local Nashville hardwood flooring company. Since numerous association members are accomplished songwriters and jingle composers, she immediately opened up the opportunity to them via the association’s website:

The jingle request was challenging in that the name of the company is R&S Wood Flooring, which is hard to rhyme with or fit into a song. The owner requested a jingle that sticks in the brain.

Songwriters Compete for Best Jingle

Several songwriters from Global Songwriters Connection submitted a jingle for consideration. It was certainly a competitive field, but one jingle rose to the top for the store owner and was selected for the radio spot. The winner was actual a songwriting duo, Bill Whyte and Steve Dean. Bill and Steve are both accomplished songwriters and had written songs recorded by artists Cledus T. Judd, Ray Stevens, Joe Nichols, The Oak Ridge Boys,Alabama, and George Strait.

Success of Jingle on Nashville Local Radio

No one could have anticipated the popularity of this jingle. R&S Wood Flooring keeps increasing the use of the jingle in their commercial advertising. The company started off with a few spots on one sports radio station and soon expanded to other stations, adding more spots along the way. The latest use of the jingle is on local television.

Bill Whyte now plays the jingle at his concerts, after his fans caught wind of the fact that he was a co-writer and the singer of the popular tune. Bill says he is amazed that his fans request the jingle and actually sing along with him.

The morale of the story is that a catchy well-written commercial jingle is great for business. The members at Global Songwriters Connection are available to write your next jingle. Whether your business is headquartered in Nashville or not, these talented songwriters can help.

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