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Frankie Pine

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Music Supervisor/Consultant – Whirly Girl Music

By Frances and Harry Date – Song Matchmakers Network

Music Supervisor Frankie Pine has been instrumental in putting together memorable arrangements on a variety of film and television projects.  Among her many qualities, one could say it is her versatility that has made her a success.

During her career, she has overseen the music featured in such diverse films as “Nurse Betty,” “Kinsey,” “The Toothfairy,” and “The Santa Clause 2 & 3.”  She has also had the opportunity to supervise several successful television series including “Brothers and Sisters,” “Army Wives,” “Hung,” “Body of Proof,” and “GCB.”  In addition to her television background, she also served as music consultant on Steven Soderbergh’s films “Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13” as well as the Academy Award-winning “Traffic.” Recently Frankie was the Music Supervisor on the box office smash “Magic Mike.”

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