Bobby Rymer

Bobby Rymer

“Having personally known Sheree’ Spoltore’ for several years, I can only testify that she is one of the most dedicated human beings I have ever met when it comes to songs and songwriters. Her passion and enthusiasm for all things creative is contagious. She is of the highest morals and principals and as far as I’m concerned anyone would be fortunate to have her on their team.”

–Bobby Rymer (Writer’s Den Music Group)



About Bobby Rymer
Head of Publishing
Writer’s Den Music Group

Bobby spent many years at Almo-Irving working under publishing superstar David Conrad, taking over the top position when Conrad retired. At this boutique agency he represented diverse catalogues from rockers Peter Frampton and Bruce Springsteen to Americana icon Patty Griffith to Country legend Kent Robbins.

After Universal absorbed Almo-Irving Bobby became director of the publishing arm of Writer’s Den Music Group in Nashville, TN. Their focus was previously unsigned writers and their roster of newcomers included Adam Wright who received for a Grammy nomination for Alan Jackson’s “You Don’t Have To Love Me Any More.” Bobby is finalizing the formation of new publishing company and looking to sign writers.

Publishing Update

Global Songwriters Connection’s first Pitch to Publisher (P.O.P.) event featured Bobby Rymer. GSC President Sheree’ Spolotore’ said, “Bobby Rymer believed in our company and its support of songwriters from day one. We wanted Bobby to be the first music publisher who listened to our members’ songs.

Bobby took several songs with him that evening and was a huge hit with the members. We thought it fitting to have Bobby close out our first year with the final Pitch to Publisher session.”

The year end P.O.P. session was particularly rewarding to members. One highlight was Bobby’s invitation to have songwriter Kelley King meet with him at the Writer’s Den Music office in Nashville. This was Kelley’s first meeting with a music publisher and he drove from Florida to Nashville for the opportunity.

Publishing companies generally do not accept unsolicited music submissions from the public. Global Songwriters serves as a liaison to the publishers in its Pitch to Publisher (P.O.P.) events.

Join us for our next Pitch to Publisher event and have you music heard by publishers actively looking to sign songwriters.

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