Barry Allen

Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Barry Allen, Singer/Songwriter

Born and raised in Camden, Tennessee, a small country town just west of Nashville, Barry was singing on stage with The Allan Family gospel group at the age of five, travelling all over the southern United States. Barry started writing stories and songs in high school and had some published in the local newspaper. His love of music and writing never left him, even after he married, started a family and began running his successful construction business.

Never one to miss a chance, he had an interesting meeting with the legendary Sam Phillips while he lived in Memphis. Later, after moving to Dickson, Tennessee, Barry knocked on the apartment door of Vince Gill with only song lyrics in hand. The soon-to-be megastar took the time to sit down and go over Barry’s lyrics and even introduced Barry to his father.

Such highlights have marked Barry’s music journey. In 2006, he joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and soon made himself indispensable as a regular volunteer. From there, he expanded into other volunteer jobs in the music business, helping James Ray do his The Producers Chair events and helping on meeting nights at the newly-formed Women’s Music Business Association (WMBA). Recently, Barry was the first songwriter to join Global Songwriters Connection when it formed in 2013.

These activities are very visible, but Barry is also known to have an big presence behind the scenes at many charities and civic events. “I’m a believer in friendship and supporting others,” Barry says. That’s why he’s known to his music-industry friends as someone with great ears and an even greater heart.