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STEPS Seminar Debi Cochran

 “Writing the Hit Song Only You Can Write”

(It’s Already in Your Head)

Instructor: Debi Cochran

DATE: August 27th at 6:30pm CST

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About this one hour S.T.E.P.S Seminar

I have been a songwriter in the Nashville community for more than 25 years. From my own success and through hearing countless hit songwriters tell the stories behind their songs, I have developed a lesson plan called “Writing The Hit Song Only You Can Write: It’s Already In Your Head.”

Through this I will help you find your voice so that your personality, values and individuality shine in your songs. You will learn to tap into your own truth and find the confidence to put that into your music.

This lesson will show you how you can instantly write better songs using detail, imagery and specifics to create believable characters and bring life to the underlying emotions of your songs. I use four real-life examples from songwriters I have worked with. The sections are:

  1. Pick the right flowers
  2. I closed the door
  3. Acting out
  4. 4: Is that how you really felt?

Emmy-award-winning songwriter Debi Cochran’s hits include “My Kind of Girl,” a No. 1 country song for Collin Raye, and “This Is Me Missing You,” a No. 5 hit for James House. Her song “Barefoot Ballet,” which aired on ABC’s “General Hospital,” won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2002. She is a lyricist. READ MORE ABOUT DEBI…