Alan Black

Global Songwriters Member Spotlight

Alan Black, Songwriter

As a lyricist my musical influences have been and are eclectic. In growing up my musical influences have been derived from all different genres of music. I began writing lyrics and collaborating on projects beginning in 2004..
As a lyricist I have been a contributing writer as a lyricist on the following projects:

“God’s Living Water” a Gospel project via Selah Sound Inc.

“No Ring No Fling” a Hip-Hop project via Selah Sound Inc.

“Got to Be Strong” is an R&B project that I also was a lyricist on as well via Selah Sound Inc. The title track from this project “Got to Be Strong” I am honored to say hit #1 on the American Idol Underground World Wide R&B charts for the week of February 20, 2008.

In 2009 the song “Through It All” a gospel song on which I was the lyricist was selected to be a part of the Reflections Management Company and Upper Room 3 Productions compilation “Care Packages for Our Troops.” This project helped to raise money for Operation Door to Door, which provided care packages to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Turning Point,” a song from the Got to Be Strong project was featured as a part of the song track for the stage performance “Firstborn,” a play that ran in San Francisco in April of 2010 and also August of 2010.

In the summer of 2014 the song “Angel Divine” on which I was the lyricist was featured as a part of a compilation project via the record label Flaccid Rock.

Music is a deep rooted love for me. My dreams and passions are to continue to reach out to others for the opportunity to collaborate and create, knowing that it is about being a part of a team that works together to bring a song to life.