GSC Congratulates Our Member Successes!

Mitch and Diann Hammer sign their FIRST song contract!

Over the past several months many, many of our GSC members have been offered single song contracts on their songs through our GSC services such as FOCUS and Publisher Online Pitch (POP) Events.  There are too many of you to mention at this time which is a GREAT problem! However, I will mention one of you as it is your FIRST song contract which is always exciting!

Congratulations to Mitch and Diann Hammer on signing their very first single song contract. What an exciting experience and we believe it is the first of many.  Their song will be promoted and pitched by a music industry professional located in Nashville.  A single song contract is often a songwriter’s first introduction to the actual business of music. 

At this time, over 60 of our GSC members have signed single song contracts in 2017.

In the month of December we will be giving you a full report of all opportunities, meetings and signings!

In the meantime, we also want to recognize the members below who are not just thinking about their dreams and goals but working diligently towards their goals and are living their dreams.

GSC POP Events – Member Songs taken in September 2017!

Publisher Woody Bomar of Green Hills Music took the following songs at our September 21 POP Event.

  1. Pat Aureli, ME
  2. Mary Desmond, Ireland
  3. Patrick Dodge, NY
  4. April Fraiser, AL
  5. Allie Louise, MI
  6. Daniel Reifsynder, TN
  7. Brad Yunek, ID

Publisher Shane Barrett of Shane Barrett Music took the following songs at our September 28 POP Event.

  1. Daniel Dennis, TN
  2. Ryland Fisher, TN (2 songs)
  3. Diann Hammer, MD
  4. Allie Louise, MI
  5. Vickie Maldonado, NY
  6. Daniel Reifsynder, TN
  7. Bonnie Warren, PA

GSC FOCUS Event – Congrats to Members Hand Selected for October!

3 days of writing with hit songwriters and meeting with publishers who are looking to SIGN WRITERS!

  • Mary Desmond, Ireland
  • Donna DeSopo, TN
  • Mary Haller, MD
  • Bobby Kropp, TN
  • Pam Lack, TN
  • Kevin Rowe, IL