Global Songwriters Connection2014: THE YEAR OF INCREASE

On behalf of all of us here at Global Songwriters Connection, we want to thank you for an amazing first year! We could not have done it without you and our wonderful industry community partners.

Our members mean everything to GSC, and you can rest assured that the BEST IS YET TO COME in 2014! The GSC team has already named 2014 The Year of Increase due to all of the exciting events and new services we plan to offer our current and new members.

 Here are a few examples. In 2014, our team is committed to increasing our member’s:

  • VISIBILITY – through our Facebook pages, website and newsletters.
  • CONNECTIONS  – to co-writers, industry professionals, and other GSC members.
  • INCOME – through classes and industry experts that will teach you how to turn your gifts and talents into money in your pocket!
  • TALENT – through our personalized educational and developmental services.
  • INFLUENCE – when people in your community think about music, we want them to think about you! Global Songwriters Connection will support your efforts no matter where you are located. We do have ‘Global’ in our name after all!
  • OPPORTUNITIES – to be heard by industry professionals through our POP Events, Focus Events and Global Expo event.
  • FAITH – we’ve said it time and time again–we believe in you! We will work to help you believe in yourself! If you are brave and bold enough to step out and try then we know your gifts have purpose and we will work to help you discover what that purpose is.
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