Songwriting Tip: DIY World

TODAY’S TIP: We live in a “DIY” world. Do It Yourself. Songwriters are STRESSED out trying to do and be everything! Folks, Anxiety is the enemy of creativity! let’s re-frame “DIY” to mean DELEGATE IT YOURSELF! Who do I delegate to? Go to your local college and get a marketing intern and a Tech intern. College students need practical application of their education! make your music their year long project! Have FUN!

Songwriting Tip: Inspired

Today’s thought: we often say we are INSPIRED to write a song. The ROOT word of inspired is “IN SPIRIT!” and this is why songwriting is so exciting. Because you are operating in the truth of your spirit. it is when you feel most alive and like who you really are. I am on vacation today and rest of the week and I am going to find time to remember my own songwriting spirit. be blessed. love to all and BE INSPIRED!