Songwriting Tip: Dreams Decisions Disconnect

Today’s Success Tip: Dreams Decisions Disconnect! Some decisions disconnect us from our destiny.

We are on Success Tip #2 from Andy Andrews book “The Travelers Gift”
This is the condensed bite size version! Let’s make decisions that determine our
destiny and fulfill our dreams.


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Songwriting Tip: Decisions Determine Destiny

Today’s Success Tip:  Decisions Determine Destiny!  Let’s decide together! I am an AVID reader, love knowledge and someday when I slow down…I am going to read for endless hours!  Until then, I enjoy sharing with you tools that help me to grow.  I trust they will encourage you as well.  In the book “The Travelers Gift” by Andy Andrews he breaks down a successful life and career into 7 “Decisions.”  I break down life into simple sayings I can remember! One of my bumper sticker sayings is Decisions Determine Destiny!  Andy provides for us suggestions on HOW to make those good decisions. Over the next seven days I will break Andy’s decisions down into bite sized pieces for us all.  As our brains are a computer..INPUT/OUTPUT I encourage ALL of us to READ these decisions together many times and prepare ourselves together for our Best Life Ever!
Here are the Elements from Decision One:

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Songwriting Tip: Are You Contagious?

Today’s Tip: ARE YOU CONTAGIOUS??   Getting yourself positioned to succeed is an essential element to a successful life and career.  One of the first things I ask a member during a mentoring session is, “Do you have an encouraging support system in place?”  It takes courage to stretch out of your comfort zone, to be bold, brave and take a chance of succeeding or perceived failure.  You need encouragers in your corner! Read more

Songwriting Tip: Fear Fear Go Away!

AYou First’ Tip:  FEAR FEAR GO AWAY! – My friend, Susan Greene, ask that I share this information and I trust it will be of service to many.  In my new company GLOBAL SONGWRITERS CONNECTION, the focus is about positioning YOU the creator to succeed as well as your songs! What good does it do a songwriter to have their songs doing well but their personal world is falling apart?

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Songwriter/Musician Tip

Songwriter/Musician Tip: Attunement/ Atonement! –  Do you need an at-tune-ment, an at-one-ment?  As musicians we are often required to tune our instruments in an effort to bring about the harmonic tones that are pleasing and wrap us in peace and comfort and dissipate the discord of dissonance.

As creators our bodies are our INSTRUMENTS.  Our bodies function as the channel for the flow for the creative gifts!   Does life and life circumstances have you feeling out of balance and in need of an attunement? There are many cultures that use MUSIC, VIBRATION or TONES to attune the body and bring balance and reconnect the soul to Source, to God.

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Songwriting Tip: Songwriter Journey Tip Part 3

Today’s Songwriter Journey Tip PART 3: Create Consistency in your EMOTIONAL BODY. Consistency is KEY to any successful career! When people say great things about your song don’t get too excited and think you have arrived.Vise versa when someone says something negative about your song don’t think you don’t have talent. In both cases turn to your KNOWING that you are born for this purpose. KNOW that you KNOW your VALUE.  xo

Songwriting Tip: Songwriter Journey Tip Part 2

Today’s Songwriting Journey Tip PART 2: This journey of an artist. writer life is FILLED with extreme highs and lows and both can distract you from your soul purpose and get you off track. So here is a tip for creating a consistent emotionally strong songwriting career so that you aren’t dragging those who love you up and down with you!

Songwriting Tip: Songwriter Journey Tip Part 1

Today’s Songwriter journey Tip PART 1: Remember yesterday when we were discussing do you have “that thing?” and we went on the define that thing as a KNOWING that you are born for the purpose of creating music and the indescribable part of that “thing” that “knowing” is that the purpose of the soul/knowing comes from a pretty indescribable Source I call GOD. well here is another GREAT way that KNOWING can sustain you.

Songwriting Tip: That “Thing”

Today’s Tip: I get to meet with thousands of artists/writers a year. I have seen writers with movie star good looks, perfect teeth, flowing hair but they are missing that “thing” Then I’ve someone’s come into my office in an old t-shirt beat up guitar case, and they sing and I’m spellbound. if you are trying for a career in the music industry I’d love to hear what YOU think makes the DIFFERENCE! my observation later