Songwriting Tip: The Law of Pure Potentiality

Together, we are going through the Deepak Chopra’s Book The Seven Spirtual Laws of Success which has  great business success formula’s, suggestions and guidance.  I was given this book many years ago by Barbara Orbison, widow of Roy Orbison.  She shared with me that many of her successful friends had found this book to be of help to them in their business. I have read it many times and it constantly reminds me to DREAM BIGGER and BE BOLD! Read more

Songwriting Tip: Dry Withered Dream

Today’s Thought: The Dry Withered Dream – It is NEVER too late to fulfill your purpose!  It is the season of planting and we are pulling out those roots, withered bulbs and old dried up seeds.  Looking at a dried up hard kernel of corn the other day it reminded me of the DREAMS of many artists and writers. Many have been working, taking meetings, playing out and have experienced repeated rejection and have yet to achieve the success you had dreamed and hoped for.  This process has caused a hard outer shell to form around your dreams. What you may perceive as lack of progress has withered the spirit of motivation and inspiration so deep inside that you would “think” that there is no LIFE in your seed/dream.

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Songwriting Tip: Opportunities Opportunities

Today’s Tip Opportunities, Opportunities

Often an artist or songwriter will watch one of today’s talent shows like American Idol, The Voice, X Factor and see an artist having what looks like and feels like INSTANT success!  The truth is that most of those artists, like American Idol’s Janelle Arthur, have been disciplined and working their gifts and talents since they were very young.  Janelle has performed in many Matt Davenport Productions, a successful Nashville production company,  since she was 12 years old.  This training, instruction and discipline helps to prepare and position an artist for success.

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Songwriting Tip: Which is Greater

Today’s Tip: 2, 200, 2000, or 2 million…which is the greater? 

Do you become discouraged when you have worked so hard to secure and create a great writers round and then only a handful of people show up?  I was reading in a leadership book recently a story about a famous author and speaker back in the 40’s who went to a town to give a speech, connect with the townspeople and give autographs on his latest book.  The tent was pitched and ready for him to come and speak and the atmosphere was charged with expectations of a large turnout.  The speaker was very upset when only a handful of people showed up.  To make matters even worse, in his opinion, those who showed up were not even the town’s elite!  In fact, it seemed like the few that showed up were some of the towns poorest including a little black boy sitting on the bench dressed in ragged clothing.  He threatened not to speak at all but he was advised to do so and to give the speech his best.  The author listened to the council and went ahead with his speech as if hundreds were present.   As the story goes…..

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Songwriting Tip: Run Your Race

Today’s Tip: Run Your Race 

Have you ever been discouraged, depressed, angry, frustrated or just plain dumbfounded by the fact that YOU are working really hard towards your goals but it appears that someone else “seems” to be making more progress than you or getting ahead?  Skip Ewing said it best in a song with the lyric line that said, “I guess I must be wishing on someone else’s star.  It seems like someone else keeps getting what I’m wishing for.”  I want to encourage you today to run YOUR Race!

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Songwriting Tip: Giving Thanks

Today’s Tip: Giving Thanks

Sometimes the people who owe you the most will forget you the quickest! But don’t get discouraged! From out of nowhere you will receive the encouragement you need.

Recently, I was very encouraged by a call from Keesy Timmer. I have worked with this talented singer/songwriter for about 4 or more years now trying for that ever elusive publishing deal. I have sang his praises and played his songs many many times through the years but without the results I felt his songs deserved but I kept at it and Keesy kept writing great songs!

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Songwriting Tip: A Forgiving Spirit

Success Tip 6: I Greet the Day With A Forgiving Spirit
Decisions for Success from Andy Andrews “The Traveler’s Gift. This
has been so much FUN taking this journey together!  Thank you for joining
me. I have been reading these decisions for years and they are helping me
during this time of growth and transition. I trust they are helping YOU
too! Here we go!


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Songwriting Tip: Choose To Be Happy

Success Tip 5: I Will Choose to Be Happy


Condensed from the book by Andy Andrews “The
Travelers Gift” First of all thank you to all who are taking this journey to
success WITH ME!

Today I will CHOOSE to be HAPPY!

What a concept! Happiness is a choice? YES! You can create the chemical
reaction in your BRAIN that will being the feelings of Joy and Happiness
through choosing YOUR THOUGHTS! Thoughts become FEELINGS and FEELINGS become

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