Songwriting Tip: Don’t Get Cocky

I usually provide the tip every week, but I thought it might be fun this week to give you a tip from a STAR! This is a quote from Sara Evans is taken from Anastasia Brown’s book “Make Me A Star.”

“DON’T GET COCKY – That’s the number one rule. Do not get cocky because you will not last if you do, especially in country music. If you come out of the box and make it really fast and great things start happening and you start believing it’s because of you and not because of the support of radio or the fans or just luck or your team or God’s blessing on you, then you’re going to fall away quickly. I’ve watched it over the years of my career. I’ve seen so many artists do that. That’s my biggest advice. Don’t get cocky and don’t take your position for granted.”

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Songwriting Tip: Life’s Setbacks

Life’s SETBACKS might be your SETUP for a better future.

THE PATH to musical success is filled with close calls, and “thinking” that something great is going to happen over and over and over again and then….NOTHING. How frustrating! How many of you out there have THOSE stories!!!

To be a successful songwriter you have to be courageous and committed as this journey is NOT for the faint of heart. However, I am a BELIEVER that no experience is ever lost or is unproductive in our lives. You truly simply cannot SEE all that is taking place in the land of the “invisible.” Things are just not always as they seem.
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Songwriting Tip: Awesome Auditions


Global Songwriters Connection receives Private Audition opportunities for some of today’s top televised talent competitions. As always, we are about positioning YOU to succeed through preparation. If YOU are auditioning for one of these shows in 2014, I highly recommend the book “Make Me A Star” written by Anastasia Brown and wish you our sincere best in your efforts.

The names of these shows may change from year to year, decade to decade but the emotional journey and the hopes and dreams for those who auditioning remains the same! Anastasia takes you on a very real journey through this emotional process from both the judge perspective and the auditionalong with some quotes from artists who are already stars!

Here are a few tips from the book that will help you get noticed in a good way!
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Songwriting Tip: The Freedom to Dream

Last week was Veterans Day and our country placed the stars and stripes in their lawns, in flower pots, on their porches, and on the fronts of their businesses in honor of those who lost their lives for our freedom. The freedom to pursue our dreams and happiness has come at a high price. As creators we are fortunate to live in a country where we have a CHOICE about how to live our lives and can choose our career and pursue our passion. However, we have to fight hard like a solider to make those dreams come true! My great grandmother, Deloris Leland Casey, used to tell me that it didn’t cost me a penny more to dream BIG. I urge you today to DREAM BIG! If there were NO LIMITATIONS what would you do? FIGHT against the FEAR of failure. FIGHT against doubt. FIGHT against taking rejection personally. FIGHT against depression and discouragement. FIGHT like a soldier! Use your weapons of FAITH and the KNOWING within that you are meant to sing that song, play that guitar, be in that film, have that #1 hit, dance that dance. We are FREE to FIGHT! Free to try. Free to make the dream that resides with you come TRUE.

Songwriting Tip: Power of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

“It is impossible for seeds of depression and despair to take root in a thankful heart.” ~Andy Andrews

As we watch our world and people’s lives being battered and overwhelmed by baffling weather patterns of typhoons and tornadoes, we might take a moment to realize how much we take for granted. We have so much to be THANKFUL for and I believe YOUR SONGS can help heal this world! Music is a vibration and has been shown to help bring people out of comas, help people to heal, and soothe depression. There are many science experiments showing how even a plant can grow stronger and healthier just by playing the plant certain kinds of music. Let’s apply this principal on a bigger scale. Go sing and play your songs today!

Songwriting Tip: Replace or Remove

Let’s pretend that your lyric says, “I love your mouth and lips.” Most of my members know that I always encourage you to look at EVERY word in your songs especially the following words: like, and, that, but, just, so, really, there, those, somewhere, something, and it.
If one of these words is in a line of your song, like in the line above, see if you can leave it out or replace it. In the case of the line above I would replace it and here is how: “I love your mouth, your lips.” Read these two lines and see which one you would want to say to the person you love. Do you notice a change in the feeling of the line when you took out the word “and” and made it personal with the word “your?” In this specific line you also receive the power of repetition with the use of YOUR mouth, YOUR lips. Repetition always makes a song easier to sing and remember.

As a songwriter you are an architect of emotion and every word in your song carries emotion with it. As we work towards becoming master songwriters, let’s see if we can make every word carry emotion with it.

I hope this is of service to you today! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Songwriting Tip: Door-Open/Closed/Open/Closed

Do you ever feel like if a door is closed, then it just wasn’t meant to be
and you aren’t meant to walk through that door? Or do you ever feel as if
the door is open, then that must be the path for you?

I want you to know that just because a door is closed doesn’t mean that you
are not meant to be the one to knock it down! And just because a door is
open doesn’t mean that it is the right path and move to make!

Let me share a personal experience.
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Songwriting Tip: The 1 to 1000 Ratio

I was fortunate to attend The Dove Awards.
Congratulations to Executive Director of the Gospel Music Association,
Jackie Patillo and team for a job well done. While watching the various
artists make their acceptance and thank you speeches, I was reminded of a
lesson that I share with up and coming artist/writers I call the 1 to 1000
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Songwriting Tip: Finding Your Path Through the Process Of Elimination

Many of my GSC members and friends have been diligently working at a career in music for YEARS! Maybe you have had those “close and almost” over and over, but then nothing! How frustrating, disappointing, and discouraging to keep getting those “no’s,” “maybe’s,”and “yes’s.” They may leave you feeling as if you have no real tangible results.

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